Top 10 Valentine SongFinally! It is that time of the year when we could feel love in the air! The flow of emotions and intensity of feelings that overflow the hearts! Yes, we are talking about the Valentine’s Day. Though love doesn’t need to be limited to one specific day but c’mon we know that how this one day has love written all over it and asks you to join in the festivities! Couples in love taking time out to gift, dine together and doing everything they can to make this day special for each other! And you tell us, can this day be complete without Bollywood songs that take romance and love to completely new level? Nahi na?

So, MayaFlowers has curated this list of exclusive Top 10 Valentine Songs or Romentic Songs that are going to make you sway on their tunes and fill your heart with romance, joy and love!

Top 10 Valentine Songs of Bollywood:

10) Lag ja Gale: This classic number still has the power to strike the chord. Play it during the dinner to fill the air with romance and melody.  The iconic voice of Lata Mangeshkar gives you goosebumps as you sit with your loved one, to revive the magic of your love!

9) Aapki Nazron ne Samjha: I never thought about this song until I walked down the deserted lane of India Gate in Delhi with my special someone.  The faint music, which was coming from a vendor’s radio made me go weak in the knees and overwhelmed with emotions! Try playing it when it is just you two or you want to forget the surroundings or anybody else around you!

8) Do Dill Mil Rahe Hai: This comes from the king of romance none other than Shahrukh Khan. His blockbuster movie, Pardes was about two people in love, separated due to their hesitation but finally giving in to their love! This song is for couple who would steal a glance or two amidst the crowd and bask in the beautiful feeling called love!

7) Baahon ke Darmiyan: This song from Khamoshi has an understated feel of love, melody and romance. This song is from the time when Salman Khan could portray as lover and not as Dabangg.  Dainty Manisha and vulnerable, in-love Salman give this song a new dimension. The soulful voice of Kavita and Udit Narayan makes you go ‘ahh’.

6) Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam: Once the love anthem of entire nation, this song still makes the heart flutter and pulse racing. How can you just forget the open arms of the actor that still is his signature move and make millions of his fan crazy even now! Be it the love at the first sight or you want your loved one to know how special he / she is for you,  and that one moment which was a chance encounter, you know this is the song that describes that the best! Here is to the Rajs and Simrans all over! May you win the heart and love that matter the most!

5) Zara Zara Mehkta Hai: The sultry and sensuous voice of Bombay Jayashri sets the mood right in the amazing weather of February! Especially when you have red rose bouquets and their awesome fragrance to company you and your loved one! Go for it when you decide to go for those romantic long drive in the woods and candle light dinners with him / her to set the temperature soaring and your heartbeats wild!

4) Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar: A far cry from the perfectionist and Dangal wala beefed up Amir Khan, this lovey dovey and chocolate boy, Amir won hearts of millions all over! He was flawed for he didn’t realize the value of love and used it for cheap thrills. But when he did, oh boy, what an awesome twist! This movie celebrated love like no other, not just for Ayesha-Amir pair but brotherly, fatherly and one’s love for one’s aspirations and life goals!

3) Roz Roz Aankho Tale: This song is very close to my heart because it gives you the joy and pleasure of listening to something as gorgeous and amazing, which is beautifully simple too! How can you forgo the pleasure of bon fire with your loved one in the chilly winter evening or a walk into the sunset on a deserted road? Amidst the chaos of mundane and over-the-top pyar ke songs, this song makes you realize how beautiful the understated and simplified expression of love could be! This song is capable to haunt you every time you find yourself missing him / her and will render you overwhelmed with sweet memories when you were together.

2) Tujhse Hai Dil ka Raabta:  This song from Agent Vinod is shot amidst a fight sequence and chase. But it doesn’t dilute the melody and sweetness of this song. Telling us that love is after all developing connection and forming a bond that aren’t dependant of circumstances and distance,  this is a song that will echo with many of people who have found love in oddest of the situations or are in long distance relationships.  Just so that you know, raabta means, unknown connection!

1) Ye Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum: There can’t be an amazing and romantic setting than feeling all lovey dovey in the garden of        tulips! Well, you don’t have to go to Switzerland or Kashmir to mimic the ambience when you can experience one in your garden, in car or in the dining space at your own home! Let the magical lyrics and music recreate and spin their magic on this special day, leaving you enchanted and feeling loved.

Hope this beautiful list by MayaFlowers will make you live this beautiful day to the fullest! Tune in to the songs to give the ambience the perfect feel! Fuel in the ecstasy with delightful range of finest and freshest Valentine’s Day gifts such as red rose bouquet, teddy bear, imported gourmet chocolates and many more available at your fingertips!