Flower Jewellery this Season

From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, flowers are an integral part of our lifestyle. It is as if humans have an eternal bond with flowers, right from the beginning of the journey! What’s new on the flower front is that they can also help to be a trendsetter!
Bharatsthali brings you eclectic and exotic floral jewellery to pep up your look and make your occasions even more special!

Besides being a refreshing choice for the brides, the flower jewellery is a lithe choice for women who don’t shy away from making a distinctive style statement and trailblazing new fashion statements! If you are clueless about how you can team up flowers or flower jewellery with the traditional Indian ethnic wear such as a traditional silk saree, don’t worry! Here’s the lowdown on how you can make floral jewellery happening!

It is not just a gajra.

Flower Jewellery in Bollywood

There is more to the domain of floral jewellery, of course. From head to toe, you can adorn yourself with flowers and in the most creative and beautiful manner possible! You can choose to deck yourself in a mang teeka. If you are wearing a heavily embroidered silk saree, ditch the necklace and just go with the floral jhumkas. You can also choose anklets and bracelets to go with your traditional look.

Floral jewellery is as contemporary or traditional you want it to be!

Like your saree, the floral jewellery is versatile. You can wear it to a social occasion such as a wedding or to a casual event such as girls’ night out! Sport a bracelet with your workwear Indian linen saree or meet your friends over coffee like a princess with the head crown!

Flower jewellery is just for weddings!

Flower Jewellery with Girl

Well, certainly not! Choose the floral jewellery the way you want to style it. Crystal-studded or just flowers, depending on the occasion and your style preference, you can make it as simple or grand you want it to be!

Flower jewellery is short-lived.

bridal flower jewellery

Thinking about how the bunch of fresh flowers wilts in a few hours? It is okay to worry about the freshness and longevity of flowers when you are out there wearing them as an accessory and complement your overall appearance. Nobody would like to be spotted with an otherwise perfect silk saree and wilting flowers on her head! This is why you need to trust dry flowers for flower jewellery. Easy to maintain and durable, you can use it for years! Studded with crystals, pearls and sequins, you can rock floral jewellery you want to!

Flower jewellery is just a fad.

Well, rest assured that floral jewellery is here to stay. Since Kangana Ranaut and telly celebrities have sported it on and off screen, we can’t help but think why floral jewellery took such a long time to take off!
So ladies, what do you think about floral jewelry? Wouldn’t you like to wear flowers as your jewellery? Drop in the comments to let us know!