White Flowers Significance

White is the color of purity and serenity. It is used for harmony, peace, and love. The white flower has been a ‘loves-me-or-loves-me-not’ flower too! Earlier, we discussed the meaning and significance of white flowers and in this write-up; we are discussing the types of white flowers available worldwide.  The white flowers here let you decide which flower to choose and to make an informed decision to pick flowers that suit your occasion and special moments perfectly.

Types of White Flowers


white Petunia flower

The petunias are available in every color imaginable. However, originally, the plant blossoms into white or purple flowers. The flowers are fast growers and intolerant to frost. It was believed that petunias can’t grow or thrive in an atmosphere with negative vibes. According to ancient folklores, petunias had the power to chase away bad spirits and evil underworld monsters. The flowers look pretty in hanging containers and centerpiece arrangements.


Wisteria white flower

The pendulous twigs, fascinating fragrance and rich foliage of wisteria flowers make them a gorgeous ornamental vine. You can see the flowers growing on the roadside on huge trees. Not all white wisteria flowers are edible or used to make wine. Some of the flowers could be highly toxic for your pets. Wisteria flowers symbolize a new beginning. Gift wisteria if you want to congratulate your loved ones on their new jobs or new house.


white rose flower

Roses and rose bouquet are available in every color imaginable. White rose flower represents true love, purity, and hope. If you want to represent your pure love and commitment for your special someone, this white flower is the way to go for! The white roses look gorgeous in every arrangement, from centerpieces to hanging baskets and bouquets.

White Flower Calla Lily

white calla lily

The large trumpet flower is a magnificent beauty. It stands for victory and new hopes. It is said to be sprung from the ground of resurrection of Jesus. It helps you celebrate the new start after a bumping road. A brilliant gift for people who could use some hope, or a sign that everything is going to be alright.


white tulips flower

Tulips and tulips bouquet are happened to be one of the most beautiful and amazing flowers when it comes to representing beauty and warmth.  This flower is sent to seek forgiveness as it stands for ‘worthiness.’ If you have goofed up or you need to apologize to your loved one, claim your worthiness of being forgiven with tulips.

White Carnations   

white carnations flower             

Carnations epitomize simplicity and sophistication. The blooms come in three types, light, regular and spray and can be used in every arrangement possible. Symbolizing true and selfless love, this flower makes for the perfect gift on Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and Father’s Day.


Hydrangea resembles a white cotton candy on a twig. A bloom is made of small florets that form beautiful blue ray in the center. It doesn’t get featured in the bouquet arrangements usually but when it does, it takes the beauty and elegance of the arrangement simply to the next level. The flower symbolizes dedication and understanding towards a relationship.

Gerbera Daisies

White Daisy flower Bouquet

This showy flower is gorgeous and cheerful. Brighten up your loved one’s day or lift their mood in an instant with a white carnation bouquet. The flower is also perfect for celebrating the time when somebody is mentally ready to let go and move on. It is the flower of sentimental clarity in life.


Hibiscus white flower

This gorgeous flower has been used since time immemorial for healing and as a cure to certain diseases. This is the perfect flower to gift on baby showers and new weddings as the bloom symbolizes fertilization, purity and new starts in life. It is the ‘Carpe Diem’ flower that asks you to live in the present.


White daisies are really simple and beautiful flowers that are usually sent to convey sympathy and offer consolation. In the world of flowers, the flower represents hopes and new beginnings. In ancient time, daisies were used to confess secret love.


Daffodils flower white

Daffodil is a designated tenth-anniversary flower. It symbolizes rebirth and unconditional love. It brings good luck and happiness for the recipient.


white jasmine flower

Jasmine is a flower that exudes a heady fragrance. This flower is known for its fragrance and it is been used by Indian women since ages for venis and gajras. It is used in the preparation of perfumes and attars. The flower is really tiny and much like florets, rendering it impossible to use in floral arrangements and decoration purpose.


white Dahlias flower

The summer flowers have pristine white petals and a yellow center. It denotes the victory of a survivor against all odds. It is the flower that celebrates commitment, devotion, and loyalty of a relationship that hopes to stay forever.


Peonies white flower

This Asian flower enjoys quite a status in Japan. One of its varieties is termed as the ‘King of Flowers’ and ‘The Prime Minister of Flowers.’  Peony is also one of the ancient flowers used in Eastern regions. It was proposed to be denoted as the traditional floral emblem of China but no motion was approved on this. Many famous artists such as Giuseppe Castiglione, Auguste Renoir, and Conrad Gessner have included peonies in their artwork.

Peonies signify romance and healthy relationship. It symbolizes prosperity and honor.

White Orchid

white orchid flower

White orchids signify beauty and innocence. White orchids make for the perfect gift for new births, weddings, and christening. The bloom also represents respect and adulation towards a mentor or guardian.


white flower Chrysanthemum

Like a red rose celebrates the passion in a relationship and a white rose denotes the purity of love, red and white chrysanthemums also represent the same. In America, the flower is the symbol of dignity and integrity. The ‘mums’ look beautiful in every floral arrangement, from a fresh flower bouquet to a hanging basket.


white marigold flower

White marigold isn’t that common. It is a hybrid flower and quite the opposite of its vibrant and golden peer, which is called, ‘the Herb of the Sun’ too.  It is also called Snowball or Snowbird owing to its unadulterated and pure white petals. It is also called French Vanilla and was created by a gardener, Alice Vonk in the year 1975.


Begonias - white flower

Begonias might be the only flower that brings the reality in the colored landscape. It suggests staying alerted and prepared when somebody is expecting the worst. Begonia stands for watchfulness and clear communication. If an official or mentor has helped you to draft documentation and helped with a process, begonia flowers are the best way to greet and thank them.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies white flower

Apart from being the inspiration for Monet’s Water Lilies paintings, the flower also finds a special place in Tamil poetries. It is considered to be ethereal and evoke the image of sunset when recalled. It reflects peace, humility, and beauty. The flower is often confused with lotuses but there is a significant difference in both blooms. The easiest telltale is the position of the leaves, which are floating on the water surface in the case of water lily but rise above the water in lotuses.

White Lotus

white lotus flower

Lotus is considered pious and symbolizes devotion. It is also considered sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism.  Lotus looks ethereal and the flowers are available in various color. However, it is the white lotus that seems out of the world.