Everybody loves a gift! Regardless of age and gender, a gift can make the recipient loved, cared for and connected with the sender. However, gifting can be a very tricky task as well because the sender might splurge a fortune on it but it might be rendered useless for the recipient because of no utility or dislike! These days, gifting isn’t limited to festivals and special occasions as well. Companies, at every level and scale, big and small, multinationals and startup, are taking note of corporate gifting trend and recognizing their employees’ hard work, efforts as well as felicitation partners and clients on the special days and celebrations.  The only need is to understand the do’s and don’ts regarding it otherwise it can do more harm than the benefit.

This corporate gifting trend is far more complicated and difficult to crack than the gifting at personal level. The reasons could be because when you gift at a personal level, you have a vague idea of what the person might like or not. Also, you aren’t bogged down with the pressure of meeting the cadre of the recipient. But when it comes to corporate gifting to employees, it is to be taken note that you are giving away gifts to the most important resources of your company. For your business partners and clients, it becomes all more important that you tread carefully to not to create any bad vibes whatsoever.  Since you aren’t the only one to give away gifts to them, it becomes important that yours is the right gift!

When you can gift your employees and business partners?

Festivals and their special days are good time to recognize and honor their contribution towards the collective success of the company. Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Birthdays and wedding anniversary of the employees and milestones achieved by the company, these are some of the times when a special effort from the side of the management can make the business associates and employees feel connected and honored.

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate Gifting: A Creative Presentation is Must.

Wrap a beautiful gift in a shoddily manner and you can downsize its value to zero whereas create a beautiful look for your average gift and you not only can create excitement for the recipient to open it up but also enhance its value. The presentation should be done keeping recipient’s stature, choice and interest in mind. If you are sending gift to a client or prospective partner, you know that your gift carries your signature, brand image and reputation, and hence it becomes all the more important that you don’t compromise on the gift or presentation at all.

corporate packing ideas

Corporate Gift for Employees:

Your employees are the most important assets of your company. It is not technology or infrastructure but your people that are running the show for you.  So, take corporate gifting as an initiative to reward them for their hard work and effort towards the success of the company.   A little gesture of acknowledgement and appreciation can make them feel connected and associated with company even more. However, ensure that you don’t confuse between the corporate gifts given away by the company with the incentives based on the performance of the respective employee.

While the latter can be different, corporate gifts on weddings, anniversaries and birthdays of employees should remain same throughout the hierarchy.  Because after all, the idea is to make them stay motivated and connected to the company and not promote unrest or jealousy.

Corporate Gift Ideas for your Employees:

A sweet gesture made by you can make your employees go to the extra mile and put in extra effort to make things happen at work. Hence, don’t treat as a surplus to your budget. The best gift ideas can be mixed flower bouquet, red rose bouquet, and combo of flowers, greeting card and cake. You can also go for customized stationery products such as pen and diary, key chains and gift hampers.

If you want to gift something for your employees to motivate them, nothing beats the exclusivity of a handwritten note coupled with fresh flower bouquet and cake.

Corporate Gifts for Clients:

Clients are the precious assets that help your business run. If employees are the backbone of your company, they are the heart of the system that makes it alive and kicking! Hence, the idea of keeping them happy, interested and valued should be in to-do list.

A corporate gift for the client should be high on brand recall value. The aim should be to serve as a constant reminder of the company or brand you want to promote though without being so obvious at it.

You can be obvious with promotional products and activities when you plan it for the customers, but with clients you need to be extra cautious and stay classy.

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Clients:

Corporate Gifting Ideas - Lucky bamboo, bonsai, planters, fresh flower bouquets, embossed stationery and branded pens, cuff links can be a wonderful way to create a brand recall for you.  However, keep in mind that anything with a utility is always appreciated. So a bamboo plant, indoor plants to purify the air and branded stationery is much better option any given day.

Their birthdays, anniversaries, or their association with you call for special celebration that should be commemorated with perfect corporate gift!

Corporate Premium Gifting:

For tier-I officials and foreign-based clientele, MayaFlowers has come up with corporate premium gift range.  This gift range comprises brass statues, silver handicraft items, customized and innovative gifting solutions as per the occasion and many more.  This category is handpicked and curated by the expert team for the times when you need to make your presence felt on the higher levels or international shores.

Corporate gifting ideas for New Year

New Year is around the corner and the time to book your New Year gifts online is now! Usher the new and happy beginnings in the MayaFlowers way! MayaFlowers, India’s leading online flower shop brings you an exclusive range of New Year gifts to ring in the right beginnings in the perfect way.  Book flowers online, plantscaping of your home for your loving wife, personalized stationery, imported chocolate boxes and sweets to gift to your clients and employees on this New Year.

Premium pair of branded watches for couples and branded pens is also available here.

Personalized Gifts for Brand Recall:

A watch, a diary, a premium pair of coffee mugs or a classic fountain pen would look absolutely stunning with a personalized touch. You can also promote your brand name through personalization. This trend of gifting brings in a feeling of association and also increases the recall of your brand and company.  A fresh flower bouquet on the marriage anniversary or birthday of your client can surely  make them feel special and honored.


Business and Promotional Gifts

Personalized gifts are wonderful way to promote your business across sellers and customers alike.  From coffee mugs to pens, from stationery to gift hampers, from t-shirts to notepads, these small gestures can go a long way to register the presence of your brand and make it memorable all across.
However, please take a note that these promotional gifts are meant for the customers and target groups only and not for the clientele or premium officials.

Gifts for Performance and Recognition for your Employees:

A performance incentive and gift can motivate your employees. The recognition of hard work in your company tells them their efforts don’t go in vain and are appreciated.  The perfect gift commemorating their hard work and efforts can be a food hampers, grocery hampers, online shopping vouchers, home décor items and many more. Don’t forget to top it up with the cakes online, a personalized hand-written note and fresh flowers!

Corporate Gifting Tips:

  • It is very tempting to order different sets of gifts online for different cadres. This can impact your company’s vision adversely. The main motive behind corporate gifting is to motivate your employees and not degrade or demoralize them.
  • Your clients and prospective business partners may have many people vying for their attention. Hence, don’t compromise on the quality, utility, presentation or value of the gift at all. Don’t treat as a burden on your budget as you can get business from your clients and performance from your employees as a return on investment.
  • Utility wins hands down when it comes to gifting. A wall clock might sound cliché but indeed is a better option than a photo frame.
  • When you have a large base of clients and business associates, it is advised to keep a list handy. You cannot afford to miss out on anyone.
  • Try to stay away from gifts that can hurt emotions and religious sentiments.


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