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Like every other bride and groom, we wanted to make our big day special than ever! There were endless discussion from both sides, basically about the venue and arrangements. When we couldn’t take the too much information load on our brains, we decided to skip the tirade and go to someplace quiet and think about it. And why not, it was our marriage and we wanted to have it the way we wanted. Anyways, my husband (now!) and I weren’t fan of great band, baaja, baraat but didn’t want to rule out the festivities and Indian zing altogether! As a couple living in France, it was very important that we head back to our roots but without letting the extra and overdose of glitter take away the attention from us and better of us too.

destination-wedding-guideSo, we decided to give our relatives and their wedding worries a rest by deciding to go for a destination wedding in Pondicherry or Goa! The beaches, churches and the serene ambience!  That was definitely the place to start a new life! Beaches give us the feeling of heady romance (wink wink) and the roads leading to the lighthouse offer much needed serenity to give wedding jitters, nervousness and anxiety a calming and encompassing peace.

Though, it was just a thought and the rest of execution was going to be heavy. It was 6 years we had been to India and certainly, for the first time, we were going to Pondicherry! And it was going to be physically and financially taxing for us to deploy somebody there just to get work done!  So, we decided to hire professional wedding planner for us! And boy, we are so glad that we did!

And since I believe in good karma, here is for you to read on! The trusted-and-tried points to ponder on and implement so that you can enjoy your big day and make it as big and grand as it should be!

  • Don’t get to the dirty work!

How much tempting it may sound but DIYs and doing everything on your own is a bad idea.  You might have multiple visits to the designer, salon and spa.  If it is a destination wedding, especially out of country, you also need to have an estimate of the guests by sending them the invitation well in advance and the RSVP, of course, to know how much you need to spend on the arrangements.

  • Go for Professional Wedding Décor Service Providers:

This is the trickiest part and can actually make or break the special occasion. We headed to the search engine and looked up for some experts who could make things easier for us, without letting us worried about what is going on there, across another continent!  So, while you are at it, browse through, have patience and read their reviews thoroughly. You wouldn’t want to spend money, and still be welcomed to the shambles in the name of decoration.

Moreover, shoot a mail to them. See, how prompt they are with the replies and in addressing your concerns.

  • Be Personal

Your weddings. Your priorities. While there can be a few things that cannot be addressed due to budget, but this is the part of expert and professional wedding décor services to give you everything that you want, whether it is wedding floral décor or the arrangement of wedding cake!

Moreover, you be also sure of communicating your budget and marriage goals to ascertain that you both are on same page.

  • Be ahead of time

While there can’t be enough time to plan for your marriage ever, but whenever you decide, make sure you are prompt with the lookouts and what you want.  So, the sooner it is, the better it is!


So, here it is my checklist that could save your money and time both, especially when you need them the most!


Signing off,

The Blushing and Bold Bride!

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