Flowers are synonymous with weddings, and with wedding season just around the corner, you’re sure to see a flurry of flowers at each and every event. While bouquets, boutonnieres and loose petals strewn along the aisle are commonplace for the spring and summer wedding, there are dozens of other uses for flowers that may be unbeknownst to brides, decorators and florists alike. Inject an additional dose of prettiness into the event with these ten fabulous uses for your favorite flowers. From décor, to attire, there is no shortage of ways to incorporate bold, beautiful flowers into your special day.

Cakes Flowerswedding cake

Incorporate fresh flowers into your wedding cake to up the ante on the glam factor. Whether your wedding is rustic or dripping in modern opulence, a cake adorned with fresh flowers only adds to the air of romanticism. Choose flowers that fit well within your color scheme, or travel off the beaten path and create a multi-color cake that draws attention from across the room. Speak to your baker ahead of time to map out the details of how you’ll incorporate flowers into the mix.

Chairsflowers on wedding chair

sunflowers attached with the chair in a wedding

Fresh flowers are a shoe-in for centerpieces, but what about the table and chairs themselves? Flowers cleverly placed along chairs are a lovely addition to wedding décor, especially rustic ceremonies taking place in the great outdoors. Simply string them along a wrapped wire and drape them across the back of chairs for a gorgeous setting that will appear stunning in photographs.

Chandelierswedding Chandeliers

Chandeliers are typically covered in gems and crystals, but flowers are a superb way to add extra oomph to the room’s focal point. Flowers dripping from a chandelier is a unique and glamorous way to incorporate extra doses of femininity into the affair. White flowers or those in subtle light pinks are fabulous for this type of décor.

Photo Backdropswedding floral backdrop

Create a unique, flower-riddled backdrop for photos to create memorable moments for the wedding party and guests alike. A floral backdrop can add instant depth to the photographs. Choose bold shades for photos that instantly stand out.

Hairstyleswedding Hairstyles with flowers

Flowers perfectly complement ethereal weddings. Incorporate fresh blooms into your hairstyle or those of your bridesmaids to really make a statement at your nuptials. Stunning updos are made instantly more glamorous when worn with a perfectly-placed rose pinned in. Floral crowns are trendy, inexpensive and can serve as the ideal finishing touch for rustic, outdoor ceremonies.

Wreathswedding flowers wreath

Consider purchasing extra flowers to create a beautiful wreath to hang on the door of the entrance to your wedding or reception. Wreaths are relatively simple to make, and they can do wonders for incorporating an extra dash of prettiness into the event. Popular flowers for weddings include calla lilies, roses, Freesia, peonies, daisies and tulips, among others.

Glass Toppers

Add a dash of whimsy to the cocktails at your wedding by placing floating flower petals in each glass. Not only will guests be delighted with the addition, but flowers are a fantastic way to add pops of color to monochromatic décor styles.

Place Settings

Jazz up the place settings at your reception by placing a flower on each place mat to add instant zest to your table décor.

Floating Flowers

Will your wedding take place by a pond or pool? Consider floating flowers to add to the glam factor. Stunning fuchsia flowers stand out fabulously.

Floral Monograms

Decorative monogrammed initials are an ideal way to celebrate your new union, and one covered in gorgeous flowers is about as good as it gets. Place yours at the sign-in table, by the aisle or by the gift area to draw extra attention to your journey.

How will you incorporate bold blooms into your wedding?

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