Human Resource teams are always looking at ways to increase the motivation level among employees. To boost their morale, they organize activities that promote team work and bonding. There are outdoor picnics, fun-filled games, and performance-based bonuses and various things to help them with work stress. Interestingly, introducing flowers and plants could be a great and faster way to make your employees happier, more alert and feel positive towards workplace. What is more wonderful is the fact that these won’t need drastic budget approvals or cost cutting across segments!  Not only flowers and greenery spruce up the office décor but will also definitely cheer up your employees as well. While it is a known fact that plants at work prompt cheerful and positive vibes, there is little to no information on the options!office flowers

Want to find more about these blooms? Read on!

English Ivy:  According to the research conducted at the University of Georgia, English Ivy purifies the air and manages the airborne pollutants emitted by office machinery such as computers, fax machines and printers, which can cause nausea, vomiting and headaches. The plant, in turn, reduces the negative effect and is very efficient in tackling the side effects of cubical-working!English Ivy

Peace Lily: These flowers are a boon when it comes to window-less corporate office. These love shade and can do with an occasional outing to Sunlight.  The flower also gets place in the air-purifier list of NASA, and is very easy to maintain. A must-have for every home and office!Peace Lily

Spider Plant: This plant is tough and takes the award of ‘superhero’ in plants. It is low on maintenance and loves shade. You can either plant them in pots or hang them in baskets.Spider Plant

Peppermint: International Journal of Neuroscience has established that peppermint enhances alertness levels and increases memory.Peppermint plant

Lemon Balm:  This fragrance-rich and tough plant can withstand the toughest of the conditions. You can plant them in extreme sunlight or shade and it won’t show a difference. Have them nearby and see your mood and workplace wellness enhance by a few notches.Lemon Balm

Areca Palm: Similar to English Ivy, these filter and clean air. Require occasional care.Areca Palm

Golden Pothos or Money Plant: Money Plant doesn’t require much of an introduction. Capable to adapt indoor and outdoor climate, this hardy vine can be planted in either soil or water.  This plant filters air and is also included in NASA’s list.Golden Pothos