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With Love!

Boy, what will we do without friends? This is the shout out to all you cool people, who have listened to the bitching at 3am! Here is warm hug to the ones, who have given their shoulders to heartbroken friends to cry on! And a sincere thanks to you folks for standing by each other and having each other’s back in tough times. Life isn’t easy but if it weren’t for the friends, it would have been really difficult to barely survive it!

So, what are you planning to do on this Friendship day? Yes, apart from catching up for coffee or drinks, or watching a movie, the random and mundane stuff you do every other day!  Don’t you think that your special friends oughta have something really awesome on this day? Well, I am a difficult person to deal with and I am gonna really treat my #SpecialFriends with #SpecialSomethings as a thank you for putting up with me for so long! J

Flowers as #SpecialSomethings

Flowers are akin to blooming friendship! Cheery, vibrant and beautiful, these are the wonderful messenger of positivity and love! And the best part is that you can never go wrong with them! These are the perfect way to be a hit amongst ladies and woo their hearts with your kindness!

Pick yellow roses, tulips, daisies or orchids to hit the right chords! If your spouse or special someone happens to be one of your #SpecialFriends, there is nothing like it, and yes, then you can never go overboard with these blooming beauties either. Choose whatever you like such as fresh flower bouquets of roses, peonies and mix roses!

women love flowersChocolates:

Awesomeness wrapped in shiny papers!  Chocolates boost your mood and complement special occasion with their delightful and indescribable taste! You know if you love chocolates, you reach in a zone that is upbeat and so refreshing! These are also the perfect alternative to unhealthy snacking! Especially when you have calorie-conscious friends, well, there is nothing like dark chocolate as gift for them!

edible_bouquets - Friendship Flowers Gifts
Gift Hampers:

There are friends. And there are #SpecialFriends.  They are called BFFs and you wouldn’t mind going to an extra mile to put a real smile on their face!  For such friends, zero in on gift hampers!  Assortment of flowers, cakes and chocolates, these are irresistible combination bringing pleasure, brilliance and flavor, all rolled into one!

And know what, friendship doesn’t abide by the formulaic rules of distance and time! You don’t have to catch up for coffee with your friend or see each other every day to remain in touch. You can send your best wishes across through friendship gifts online and get them delivered whenever you want! Sigh of relief!

So, be it Bittu from Class VII, you wanna thank on this Friendship Day for lending you a cricket bat or it is Pinky from the first year of college, you wanna be grateful to,  for giving you matching jhumkas when you went out on first date, go all out to show that you miss them and you remember them! A little kindness and sweet gesture never hurt anybody!  Where you gonna find gifts?

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