Know About What Are the Gifts Of Happiness ?

What a simple yet effective sentence that is! It shows the depth of love towards each other and expresses that how two people are different yet one,  and how their love and personalities complement each other.  This tells us that how despite being different, they look so perfect with each other that it becomes difficult to imagine them apart.

For couple and people, who are meant for each other and love each other madly, MayaFlowers brings a unique and exclusive section, 'Made for Each Other.' If you want to express your feelings toward each other and struggle to find the perfect way to show your love, we suggest, you have a look at this section!

This section isn't limited to husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, trust me, I have seen many friends who share a platonic relationship, understand each other, are sensible towards each other and totally compatible.  Toasting to their beautiful future is our exclusive collection of gifts, flowers and cakes that our expert florists and chefs have handpicked to match your sentiments and mirror your feelings.

Select the best one to express your feelings for your loved ones.

Flowers and Strawberries :

As your sweetheart dig into the season's freshest chocolate-wrapped strawberries and turn her head in awe on the centrepiece that has just been delivered on your behalf, she will be thanking her stars for how lucky she is.  Surprise her with the brightest blooms and pamper her taste buds with the delicious strawberries. You can also switch to any other fruit she might like. It is the perfect pair that never ceases to impress. Like your relationship, it is time-tested!

Gift Basket :

The gift basket is the perfect option for couples who have been together throughout ups and downs, highs and lows of life. Show and express gratitude towards each other with a varied range of gift baskets, comprising flowers. fruits, dry fruits, sweets, soft toys, chocolates and cakes. You can customize gift baskets the way you want and in accordance with your need as well as budget.Gift Basket

Teddy Bear and Flowers :

The cuteness of your sweetheart can only be matched with these adorable soft toys.  The notably luxurious fur of the soft toys can remind your partner of the comfort he / she gets in your arms. Rest assured that he / she will find them as cuddly, cute and awesome! From teddy bears to the Winnie-the-Pooh, coupled with cakes and flowers, this 'made for each other' combo is irresistible! The soft toys are washable and absolutely lovable!

Mix Flower Bouquets :

Mix and match the way you want! To celebrate the sweet and sour moments of your life, this section brings just the selection for you.  While red flowers shows love, white flowers are the symbol of purity and reverence. Be classy, move over regular bouquets and let mix flowers reflect your true sentiments.  You can take a bunch of Orchids, for they are royal, lovely and a symbol of luxury as well as strength. So, if your relationship is going through testing times, get orchids for your better half for the motivation to get through the difficult times and to convey your faith in each other.  Take red and white roses to symbolize devotion, purity as well as passion for your partner.

Mix Flower Bouquets 

Exotic Tulips and Lilies :

As exotic and mystic as your beloved partner, the tulips and lilies presented in this section live up to the expectations.  The tulips symbolize care, love and gentleness. Purple tulips represent royalty whereas red tulips take the feeling of love to a completely new level. Originally from Turkey, red tulips are said to be originated from the blood drops of Farhad, when he committed suicide by jumping over the cliff upon knowing that his true love 'Shiri' is no more.  Tulips are ideal present for 11th anniversary . The black centre of tulip bud symbolizes the heart of a lover, ignited and burnt with passion.  If your love affair is no ordinary, then only tulips are capable to match your feelings.

On the other hand, lilies are said to originated from the milk of the queen of the Gods, Hera.  It is Greeks' revered flower and ideal as 30th anniversary gift. Symbolizing warmth, elegance, virtue and devotion, it is just the perfect gift for someone, whom you idolize and respect.

Cakes and Red Rose Bouquet :

 Romans and Greeks have long symbolized roses with the heat of passion and love. From friendship to love and devotion, roses cover various spans of a relationship.  It is the flower to celebrate your love!

Words fail to describe the pleasure, deliciousness and luxury associated with this particular combo of cakes and bouquet of red roses.  Straight out of the oven, freshest and yummiest cakes are delivered to your doorsteps along with the freshest and brightest blooms. A hard to resist 'made for each other' pair just like you!

Chocolates, Soft Toys and Flowers :

Melt-in-your-mouth yummy chocolates, plush life-size toys and blooming buds, what else one could ask for? Expressing your love and gratitude would have been impossible if it weren't for this combo!  Be it cakes, chocolates or flowers,  quality is paramount for MayaFlowers. Hence,  when you order with us, be assured that you are getting the best value for your money!

Potted Plants and Gift Hampers :

If your partner loves green, browse through for potted plants. From  aloe vera to lucky bamboo and flowers,  this section brings you green with various gift hampers which can be used for bumper discounts across the website to buy flowers online.

Indeed a super-saver combo offer for eco-friendly lovey dovey couples!

While there is no particular time to shower love and these perfect 'Made for Each Other'  on your beloved but on special occasions like anniversary,  Valentine's Day or the times when things aren't as great as they should have been, we suggest you to go for them without giving it a second thought! Elegant, beautiful and graceful, these gift combos can make hearts melt and happier! Order now and get doorsteps delivery across India.  Same day flower delivery is also offered. Call 819999 3344 for more information.