Fragrance of Jasmine Flowers

There are two types of jasmine flowers and hence, there is lot of confusion around them. You cannot put your finger on the difference when it comes to fragrance but there are certainly a few striking things that you would like to know.
True jasmine is a shrub and non-poisonous in every aspect. It hails from family Oleaceae whereas false jasmine is highly toxic and belongs family Loganiaceae. The former has white and shiny flowers of about 1 inch of size.jasmine flower fragrance
Trivia from :
• One of the varieties, Jasmine sambac is known as Pikake in Hawaii and has somewhat same fragrance.
• In Persian, it is called 'Yasmin', which translates to 'the gift of God.'
• Jasmine oil, one of the very popular essentials oils consists of jasmine flower, alcohol, benzyl benzoate and other chemicals. Two types of flowers are used to create oil, Jasminum officinale and Jasminum grandiflorum. Oils, soaps and creams are made with the extract and crushed petals of these flowers.
• Nectar of some jasmine species such as Gelsemium sempervirens and Carolina jasmine is considered toxic.
• Not all jasmine flowers are white and highly-fragrant. Some crossbred cultivars produce even yellow and pink color. Some of them lack the signature fragrance that the species is known for.
• It is said that a Tuscan gardener retrieved this plant from Persian traders. When the plant bore flowers, it lured many people but he refused to cut the flowers. When the time came, the gardener presented the flowers to his beloved and it is believed that she was so enchanted with the fragrance that she agreed to get married. Even now, the Tuscan weddings have the tradition of bridal bouquet made of jasmine flowers.
• Jasmine flowers are the national flower of Pakistan. Pakistan see bride and groom adorned with jasmine and red rose garlands.
• In Philippines and Indonesia, jasmine flowers and garlands are used in wedding and religious ceremonies.
• Jasmine is the symbol of unadulterated love and respect, i.e., mother.
• Infuse jasmine buds with lukewarm water and get ready for a soothing bath. It is better to snip the buds during day time. By evening they start releasing their fragrance. Similarly, you can infuse them to your brewed green tea. Please note that the flowers and foliage of jasmine plant is not at all edible and shouldn't be consumed in any way.
• The fragrance of jasmine flowers is said to be an antidepressant and aphrodisiac plants.