Flowers are synonymous with summertime, meaning you are sure to see a range of gorgeous blooms everywhere in the coming months. While you can easily adorn your home in flowers for an instant spring/summertime makeover, or send a bouquet to a special someone for an instant pick-me-up, there are numerous other uses for stunning blossoms this season. Get creative and utilize a variety of pretty flowers to form a birthday party beyond your child’s wildest dreams.

Couture CakesCouture Cakes

Floral cakes are gaining traction in the party circuit. Not only are flowers a relatively inexpensive way to add major personality to a basic cake, but they add an instant touch of glamour ideal for any girly-girl. A plain, white cake topped with gorgeous, fresh pink peonies is a great way to ease into this trend in a sophisticated way. You can always add more flowers to the cake as you go.

Bohemian Bashdaisies on table

Bohemian-inspired ensembles and events are all the rage during the spring and summer seasons. Instead of the typical party games, prepare a spread of beautiful flowers so guests can create their own floral crowns. These inexpensive party favors are a blast to make, and can make for adorable photos once all is said and done. Choose bundles of flowers like baby’s breath, daisies and lavender and spread them across a table to let your birthday girl and her guests run wild.

Bold Backdropskids party

Half the fun of attending parties these days is being able to document the experience through photos. Whether by old school digital camera or through snaps upon snaps on social media, no party is complete without a few fabulous pictures, and you can definitely use flowers to take yours to the next level. Create a stunning floral backdrop by hanging a simple sheet and pasting flowers throughout using a hot glue gun. You can also mix flowers with balloons to form a unique entrance. Whether you choose one brilliant shade or a multi-color motif, your guests are bound to have a blast snapping away with pretty petals behind them.

Floral Décorshutterstock_118561252

We all know that flowers make a fabulous addition to your home’s décor during the spring time, but bold blooms can make just as much of a splash at your child’s next party. Take the DIY approach and purchase bouquets of fresh flowers, then arrange them in inexpensive glass vases from your local craft store. Use them as centerpieces, scattered throughout tables or at the entrance of the party to make a stunning statement. From the invitations, to the gift table, and even your gift bags, flowers can serve as that special dose of prettiness that takes a party to the next level. Don’t forget to dress the birthday girl in a fab floral outfit!

There’s no reason you can’t run wild with flowers for every occasion this season. Whether for a birthday, a baby shower or a bridal shower, flowers can instantly elevate any event. Follow these simple tips to throw a birthday bash bound to be remembered for years to come.