Potted Plant Care Tips :

Getting the best value of your money and delivered flower bouquets is in your hand. Want to know how? Read on and follow these simple steps that will help you to prolong the life span of cut flowers and potted plants.Potted Plant Care Tips

Usually, the life of flowers depend on the fact when they have been cut off stem but as MayaFlowers give you the best quality and farm-fresh flowers, you can easily extend their life.

  • If you have received flowers in a decorative arrangement of plastic, foam and green shoots, separate them before you put them in a vase. Put flowers in water as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to add plenty of water. It is advised to change the water regularly. If you can't, it is recommended that you change the water as soon as you see some debris floating in the water. Dirty or cloudy water can damage the plants beyond repair. As we don't like to drink unclean or impure water, so do plants.
  • If you have received potted plants as a gift, read the instructions carefully provided by your florists. Most plants have varied levels of likeliness towards water. Some like to have optimum water, just enough to help them stay moist while some plants tend to stay neck deep in water! Some plants love cool conditions while some might require to stay in the pleasant morning sun. But remember no plant like overheating, over watering or under watering. So, proceed carefully.
  • Don't keep cut flowers in direct sunlight. Keep them in shade and in areas where there is no harsh lighting arrangement. Dining table, centre table and entrance corners and hallways are the ideal locations.
  • Keep cut flowers away from smoke, kitchen heat and fruits. Fruits contain ethylene gas that speeds up the wilting process in flowers.
  • If you have received flowers, it means that somebody thought highly of you. The effort should not be just forgotten so easily. Whenever you see any wilted leaf or dead stem, remove it immediately.
  • If you are using the same vase to put cut flowers, it is advised to rinse the vase properly with mild soap to eradicate the fungus and bacteria supply, if any. If your area has hard water supply, use the potable or filter water for plants.
  • Most florists provide flower mix with cut flowers. If you haven't received this or don't want to use any sort of chemicals on your plants, then put a pinch of salt in the water. This will perk up the flower for days.
  • After a few days, cut the stems about 1 inch off the bottom. If you have bamboo plant or money plant that has roots extended in the water, just cut it two to three inches from the roots with knife. This will help in better absorption of water. Refrain from using a pair of scissors as it can rupture the stems.

Follow these steps and you can certainly enhance the life of your delicate flower plants & care for it.