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Roses Aren’t Just Red – There’s Deeper Meaning to Their Colors and in the Number of Roses You Give

Have you ever wondered what a rose really means before going ahead and giving one to someone? Over the ages, people have been immensely inspired by this flower, to the extent that they have developed a language of roses that gives a specific meaning to the number, variety, and color of roses that you give. From a traditional perspective, a rose is regarded as the eternal flower of love. To say, “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day with a bunch of red roses gives a feeling that is impossible to put into words.

If you have knowledge of the deeper meanings associated with roses before giving them to someone, it will prove beneficial for you. By consciously choosing a certain number and color of roses for someone, you can add a whole new depth and even more significance to the gesture.

The Significance of Rose Colorroses

Red Rose

Without doubt, a red rose represents the expression of love. Red roses are the conveyors of the deepest of emotions, from desire to longing and love. These roses are also used for conveying devotion, admiration, or respect. A deep red rose can also be used to convey heartfelt sorrow and rose

White Rose

White stands as the color of innocence, chastity, and purity. One would usually associate white roses with new beginnings, making them an ideal accompaniment for a bride. White roses are also useful for conveying humility or sympathy, and can also stand as an indicator of spirituality.white roses

Yellow Rose

A yellow rose expresses the feeling of exuberance. These roses tend to evoke sunny feelings of warmth and joy. They also symbolize caring and friendship. Unlike the other roses, yellow roses do not have any undertone of romance to them. These are purely indicators of platonic emotions.yellow roses

Pink Rose

Pink roses tend to have many variations associated with them. On the whole, they are used to convey gentle emotions, such as gratitude, joy, and admiration. Blooms of light pink roses tend to indicate innocence and sweetness. Deep pink blooms are conveyors of deep appreciation and gratitude. Pink roses also stand as a connotation for grace and roses

Orange Rose

While the yellow rose comes as a reminder of the sun, an orange rose is a reminder of a fiery blaze that signifies energy and passion. Orange roses are useful in expressing an intense level of fervor, pride, and desire, while also conveying a sense of satisfaction. Orange roses stand as close rivals to red roses as messengers of passion in a romantic roses

The Deeper Meaning Behind How Many Roses You Give

With old superstitions fading, it is unlikely that many girls today are counting the number of roses she receives on Valentine’s Day. However, there are hidden meanings behind the number of roses that people give as a romantic gift. Here is a look at some of the secret messages conveyed through the language of roses.

One rose signifies love at first sight, or may also stand for “you are still the one” if given after many years.

Two roses are a sign of mutual love and affection.

Three roses are the traditional gift given as part of many three-month anniversary celebrations. It also stands for a simple “I love you.

Six roses signify infatuation, or the message “I want to be yours.

Nine roses take a big step up from six, as a symbol of eternal love, or a way of saying “I want to be with you forever.

A perfect ten conveys the message that “You are perfection.

There can be more than ten roses in a bouquet, with each rose taking on its own meaning.roses by numbers