Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and it certainly calls for a day of feasting and gathering. It is that time of the year when people gorge on delicious delicacies like the Thanksgiving staple, Turkey along with mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie etc and make merry with their loved ones. We all know that Thanksgiving meal is an important part of this day. However one can’t deny the importance of the Thanksgiving Day decor. A table centerpiece,which is obviously placed at the center of the table where the lavish feast is hosted, happens to be one of the crucial parts of these decorations. While some of the favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces may include cornucopias, gourds, pumpkins, greenery, scented candles etc, flowers seem to rule even when it comes to Thanksgiving Flowers decorations.

Potted Chrysanthemums have the reputation of making for some of the most stunning centerpieces for this joyous day. Said to be synonymous with Thanksgiving flowers festivities, you can choose from a wide range of Chrysanthemum flower colors ranging from burnt orange, golden yellow, brick red, maroon etc.Also, making a flower centerpiece out of a simple crystal vase filled with tulip, rose and dahlia arrangements will also look quite rich. For an added effect, cranberries and aromatic candles could be added to this whole arrangement.

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In case, you are having difficulties making a floral table centerpiece on your own, order a prearranged bouquet of your choice or go out to pick one and use it as your centerpiece for the day. You won’t be disappointed as you can find a whole lot of pretty prearranged flowers online or at your nearest florist.

Besides this, you can also use flowers to garnish your serving trays or decorate your desserts. Scattering colorful pretty fall flowers and putting votive candles along the center of your dining table will look awesome too. Then you can place single stem roses by the side of the food plates or float flowers in crystal wine glasses to add a lot of floral drama to your Thanksgiving table.

Gear up to cook and share your Thanksgiving meal with family and friends this Thanksgiving and thank nature for the bountiful gifts of the land.Happy Thanksgiving Day!