Visit Here For Top Botanical Gardens in India

Botanical gardens are wonderful and fun way to introduce your kids to nature and let them introduce to several plant and flower species. This helps them to gain knowledge and leave the digital world for a while, a must-needed distraction for young minds!  The plants in botanical gardens are usually for research and educational purpose and often sprawling in acres. So, it is fun and physical workout too for entire family!For people who want to spend some quality time closer to Mother Nature, here is the lowdown on top botanical gardens in India! If you are on a vacation nearby or been planning one, you can schedule one around them!

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose/Indian botanical garden, Kolkata

Indian botanical garden Kolkata

This botanical garden is in Howrah, Kolkata and is the largest botanical garden in the country.  Home to hundreds of thousands of plants and flowers, this sprawling and lush botanical garden is known for its signature banyan tree with the circumference of 330 meters and was earlier named as Calcutta Bagan.  Here you can find exotic orchids, palm trees, coconut, Shivlinga tree, water lilies and many more. Just to give you the idea of how vast the space here is the garden is home to the over 109 species including bread fruit tree.  In this wilderness, you can also spot Indian fox, Indian mongoose and jackals too!

The garden is under the maintenance of Botanical Survey of India, GOI. It was established by Colonel Robert Kyd of British East India Company in the year 1787, primarily to grow the plants of commercial value such as teak. However botanist William Roxburgh, who went on to become superintendent of this garden in the year 1793, changed the policy to develop it as herbarium and botanical garden. The garden has also been said to inspire the plot of novel Hothouse by Brian Aldiss. In the year 2009, the garden was dedicated to the very famous Indian botanist Jagadish Chandra Bose.

How to get there:

Since it is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kolkata, you can get cab and buses easily. Howrah railway station is the nearest station if you are travelling by train.

Garden of Agri horticultural society of India, KolkataGarden of Agri horticultural society of India

One of the another tourist gems of Kolkata is Garden of Agri horticultural society of India that brings you huge collection of medicinal plants and flowers in its gardens, greenhouses and research labs. Founded by William Carey in the year 1820, its winter flower show attracts visitors from all over the world! Here you can explore tissue culture techniques, forticulture, bonsai, cactus and rare medicinal trees as well as purchase organic items too. One of the main attractions about the garden is Cannas or Canna lily.  The garden also offers training and courses as well as conduct workshops to help professional and novice gardeners to cultivate flower species.  The now famous Alipore Cannas collection was originally conceived by Mr. Percy Lancester who was appointed Secretary to the Society in 1895. The final work was carried on by his son until the year 1960 by his son, Mr. Sydney Percy Lancaster.

How to get there:

The nearest railway station is Alipore and you can get buses and cab services to the garden easily.

 Lal Bagh, Bangalorelal-bagh-bangalore-botanical-garden

Lal Bagh is one of the prime attractions of Bangalore and was originally developed by Sultan Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.  Tipu Sultan brought and planted exotic plants in the garden. As expected, the garden has Mogul architecture, red stones and old touch.  Since it is the natural habitat to the most of plants, many researches and genetic labs work here.  The top most attractions in this red garden are two annual flower shows which are hosted on January 26 and August 15.

The garden boasts of largest collection of tropical plants in India.  It has a lake, where you can do the boating too. It attracts various exotic birds such as parakeet, pond heron, Brahmini kite, myna, Purple Moor Hen and many more.

How to get there:

You can take cab from airport or railway station. A lot cheaper option will be Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation buses or buses from Shivaji Nagar or Kempegowda bus station.

Government Botanical Garden, Ootyooty botanical garden

This botanical garden in Udamangalam, near Ooty was laid out in the year 1848.  Maintained by the government department, Tamilnadu Horticulture department, this garden features terraced layout and is spread in 22 hectares.

 It lies on the lower Doddabetta peak and is classified in 6 segments of lower garden, new garden, Italian garden, conservatory, fountain terrace and nurseries.  With over thousands of indigenous and exotic species of plant, shrubs, ferns, trees and bonsai, its signature species remain fossilized tree trunk that is estimated to be more than 20 million year old.   The department also organizes garden competition for awareness in kids and flower enthusiast.

How to get there:

Bus services and cab services are easily available. Ooty railway station is about 90kms away.

Brindavan garden, Karnatakabrindavan_gardens bangalore

Brindavan garden is known for its musical water fountain.  Located in Karnataka, it shares its space with the Krishnarajasagara dam on Kaveri.  Its work was started in 1927 and was completed in the year 1932.  On an average, this beautiful garden receives footfall of over 2 million per year.

Along with it, there is a fruit orchard sprawling across 75 acres and 2 farms, Nagavana and Chandravana.  It is one of the beautiful terrace gardens in the world and has flowering plants, foliage plants, trees and water fountains.  The musical fountains emit music in sync with the water. Lake with boating facility is also one of its main tourist attractions. One of the main features of the garden is its topiary work including pergolas and gazebos.   It has a nominal entry fee.

You wouldn’t like to miss the musical fountain and hence, it is recommended that you visit the garden in evening.

How to get there:

It is 20km away from Northwest Mysore city. Cab services and Karnataka bus services are readily available. Nearest railway station to the garden is Mandya.