Mumbai, they say, isn’t a city. It is a feeling and once you are there, you know what it is about, why they say it and why you can’t agree more! It is a city where PDA to a great extent is acceptable and isn’t frowned upon and no, the reason isn’t that people are too busy in Mumbai on Valentines day to poke their noses into someone else’s private matter; it is because they understand that how amazing the feeling of love can be! And maybe this is why, whenever the filmmakers have to show the ‘Mumbaiya’ spirit, it is always the Marine Drive, where you can see a trail of lovebirds and the feeling of love, lingering in the air irrespective of which day it is. But yes, when it is Valentine’s Day, the couples won’t shy away from making it special for each other.

Apart from the fact that you can spot online valentine flower delivery happening from the nook and corners of the city, we at MayaFlowers, have made sure that you have a couple of more reasons to make the day even more special for her. Our people have sniffed out these beautiful and most romantic places in Mumbai to celebrate this Valentine’s Day!  You know why, because malls are so over-rated and so is watching movie and getting mushy! Give her / him the surprise of a lifetime by giving her the memories she would never forget!

Take a look!

  • Colaba: Colaba is the heart of Mumbai. It is where the Taj and Gateway of India is. It is where the Regal cinema and Leopold café is. Take a little bit of an off route and you would find yourself amidst Europe-kinda ambience and Britannia Café, which I should tell you is the first and last ever café by Britannia. Take a stroll in the lanes or gorge on the best ever Parsi food! The choice is yours but rest assured that you are going to have the best of both worlds and that too without throwing your budget off track! Just to let you know, Britannia Café doesn’t accept digital payments and you need to pay in cash. Colaba - Romantic Places in Mumbai
  • Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai: What about looking at the sunset with that special someone while sipping on the beer in an open air café? Head to Marina Rooftop café that gives you the ocean as a backdrop for that romantic setup or go to the Breeze in Powai to understand what makes Mumbai the city that never sleeps and knows how to have fun!top romantic places in mumbai
  • Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai: If movie isn’t your cup of tea, then you would love to enjoy the Sulemani chai of Prithvi theatre with your loved one. Enjoy a hearty drama and proximity to the art on this day while gorging on the best of egg rolls and chicken rolls. For the desserts, you have cinnamon pound cake that melts-in-your-mouth and keeps reminding of the luscious times you are going to spend together in the company of each other. looking for romentic places mumbai
  • Marine Drive and Ferry Trip (Tonga ride is a bonus): It is where those dome-shaped rocks are and where you can find couples sitting in a row. Yes, the way they show you in the movies. Yes, yes, where Munna Bhai’s self-awareness happens in the movie in Mumbai city. What makes it so amazing? Well, I insist you just go there in the evening once and see the magic of open sky, pleasant breeze and coastal tides unfolding in front of your eyes.romentic mumbai places
  • A trip to the Candies: It is going to be the trip of your lifetime if you are a foodie like me! So, Candies is in Pali Hill and was initially a bungalow that was converted to a restaurant. It is special because of its amazing yummy food and so much of open space that you hardly see when you are used to live in the crunched spaces! In the evening, you could feel the breeze touching your face and the sky lit with lanterns. For me, romance happens with stuffed stomach and it is the perfect place to start with!candles romentic places

It is true that when two people are in love, you don’t need to look out for places to be at.  But don’t all of us yearn to create memories? And this blog is just that. A memoir.  These places created memories for me that are etched on my mind and hopefully, will do the same for you too!