Unconventional Ways to Use Flowers This Season : 

The spring season is here at last, and with it comes an instant obsession with all things floral. Aside from the typical Mother's Day bouquet, there are endless ways to utilize flowers this spring, from home décor to your garden or patio. Adorn your home with stunning blooms to make the most out of the spring season. Here are a few of our favorite ways to utilize flowers in the chicest of ways. Whether you choose one or several, spring flowers are guaranteed to elevate your mood well until summer.Calla_Lily spring season

Use Mason Jars to Spice up Your Space :

Create a rustic space in your home using nothing but gorgeous spring flowers and mason jars. Paint the inside of the jars in a stunning spring shade like light pink, baby blue or ivory and fill with anything from garden flowers to a blooming bouquet of tea roses. Use a hot glue gun to paste rhinestones or crystals around the top of the mason jars for an extra dose of glam that won't go unnoticed.

Create a Floral Crown for Seasonal Style :

The music festival season has officially arrived, and, as typical for such events, flowers abound. From a reference of July art & flowers shop in Bangalore, India, anyone can create a colorful floral crown for the festivities. Not only will they add to the bohemian vibe of these fun festivals, but they're an inexpensive, fun way to add instant style to your spring wardrobe. The best part? The process is simple. Scissors, a hot glue gun, wire, ribbon and silk flower petals are all you need to get the job done.floral crown- flowers shop in bangalore

Use Blooms to Impress a Blushing Bride Flowers :

With wedding season fastly approaching, you may be one of the many brides scrambling to finish those last details before the big day. As the process of planning a wedding can often be an overwhelming one, filled with endless options and self-doubt, many brides and planners may find they've forgotten a few details. If you happen to find your wedding décor lacking in inspiration, consider sprucing up your space with any number of floral combos. A bridal shower is a fabulous time to utilize flowers, both fresh and plastic, to your liking. There are a million and one ways to use them. Hang gold or silver picture frames against a blank wall and tape flower petals or faux blooms inside for a gorgeous backdrop. You can also use flowers scattered across the gift table for an extra hint of glamour.

Use Old Petals for a Potent Potpourri Flowers :

Sadly, all bouquets must come to an end. Utilize your past petals with potpourri that can instantly perk up the room. You'll need four ingredients to make your own. Gather old petals and add 6 drops of fragrant essential oil for each cup of dried potpourri mixture. Keep in a sealed container so the scent penetrates the petals and mix daily.potputtari flowers

Adorn Your Home in Tropical Flowers :

While you are sure to see tulips, sunflowers and the like in the coming months, take the road less travelled and adorn your home in unique, tropical flowers that instantly command attention. Exotic flowers are a fast way to incorporate a splash of fun into a bouquet. Choose a rich orange shade and pair it with white flowers to really make a statement. You can also fill a clear, glass vase with plastic fruit and top off with tropical flowers for a vibrant arrangement that's both quirky and fun at once.

Elevate Your Gift-Giving with Fresh Flowers :

Between the birthday parties, baby showers and weddings that come during spring time, you're almost certain to have quite a few gifts to wrap. Use gorgeous fresh flowers paired with ribbon to put the finishing touch on your gifts. Not only will they stand out among the crowd, but they're a fabulous way to incorporate the season into your gift-giving.