Weddings are fun as long as you aren’t on the other side of the road! Yes, cross the bridge and you’ll know that the level of hard work and efforts go into it to make it a grand affair. The sleepless nights, the long daytime hours and the stress to get everything right in place from different vendors, well sadly, who have different priorities other than you! And amidst all of this, the immediate relatives of bride and groom are so stressed that they are unable to enjoy the festivities, which ideally they should in the first place! There is the whole wedding flower decoration ideas, party supplies, venue decoration, parties, car décor and what not to be done and the stress is too much to take as the wedding date comes closer.

Wedding Decoration Ideas :

Inside the big fat Indian wedding, goes a lot of planning and execution. Especially, when you want to go all out with the list of 500-600 guests, specially designed trousseau packing and invites that are personalized for fancy gathering, it is so much work that it can leave you exhausted and with swollen eyes and dark circles, which you definitely don’t want on the Big Day!

The fun, festivity and fervor you see, needs a streamlined process. You need to coordinate with vendors for flowers, catering and party supplies. Moreover, there has to be a thought process for the theme wedding, if you are doing one! If your engagement party is a fairytale setup, you cannot certainly go all ‘Star Trek’ for your wedding event! Yes, of course, unless you don’t mind going all over and become experimental with the wedding.

wedding decoration ideas

The Smart Move:

Get experts at your command! It is your family’s first or second marriage and even after spending a fortune on it, if you can’t get to enjoy it, well it is a shame then! MayaFlowers’ wedding floral services bring you a range of customized services that you can use to make the wedding arrangement and décor- fun, festive and extraordinary. Whether you want to work around a theme or starting from nowhere, want a lavish traditional marriage or it is the destination wedding on your mind; the expert wedding Decoration services by MayaFlowers bring your dream wedding lot closer to the realization!

wedding decoration serviceThe expert wedding designers at MayaFlowers gives you meticulous execution that takes care of the wedding and even the minutest of the details! From the wedding entrance to the car decoration for your wedding, you have them all, arranged and done as you want it!  Be it wedding centerpieces, wedding bouquets, wedding cakes or wedding flower arrangements for the venue, everything is hand-made and personalized as per the theme and your preferences!

wedding table decoration

So, when it is wedding time, turn that frown upside using expert floral design and wedding décor services that are customized and based on your choices and of course, as per your budget!

And even if you are still anxious about hiring expert wedding decorators, you can visit or call the 24/7 team to plan a visit and for free consultation.  Your dream wedding is just an email or a call away!

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