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Wedding Flowers Etiquette - Accept it that wedding and flowers are more made-for-each-couple than most of you might ever be.  Hence, it becomes paramount that wedding etiquettes are followed and maintained irrespective of which side you are on.  Whether you are a couple who is responsible for wedding floral décor and venue decoration with flowers or a guest who is supposed to bring more flowers to the venue as a gift, here is something for both of you to scroll down!

The colorful wedding flowers are capable to woo heart of every person. Whether it is an indoor wedding or outdoor one, a wedding ceremony has to be blooming with flowers!

For the Guests:

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It can be very confusing for the guests to find the proper and perfect flower arrangement as gifts.  Also, there are concerns like how much should you spent on the flowers especially when you have to travel a lot to reach the wedding destination.

  • If you are concerned with spending, always remember it is the thought that count. If you don’t want end up spending too much, a mid-sized flower bouquet online with chocolate box always work to complement the sweetness of moment and brightness of the celebrations.
  • Well, if you are the next of kin, then you simply have to show the grander gesture! Make sure to get the perfect gift package to gift it to newly wedded couples. You can also sponsor trousseau packing, their tickets to honeymoon, flower decoration for the night and so on!
  • You can never go onboard or wrong with flowers ever. However, pastels aren’t meant for a vibrant occasion such as wedding. Stick to mixed flower bouquets or bright red roses or peonies to ensure that you add to the colorful ambience. Rich tones and darker shades are the keyword here!
  • It is advised to conform to the religious and personal sensibilities.
  • It is always better to stick to the mild fragrant varieties.
  • If the marriage party is going to extend to number of days, it is recommended to go for flowers and plants that come with container and floral foam so that they remain fresh for extended period of time.
  • You can also send flowers to the newly wedded couple’s home as they would like to carry less stuff home when they depart from the venue.

For the Couple:

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Wedding décor is always the responsibility of bride and groom. From the bridal bouquet to mandap decoration and stage decoration, it shows the preference of the couple.  With little effort and right planning, not only you can save money but also leave an everlasting impression on your guests.

  • Start early. Make sure you have scheduled an appointment with the wedding décor planners in advance and have them over at least a couple of times to discuss the venue decoration in details
  • Understand the seasonality of flowers. It will help you to save money as well as the flowers will stay fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Wedding flowers don’t have to be elaborate centerpiece. You can also go for classy single stem tabletops or make a wall out of flowers to add a personal touch.
  • Unless it is a very personal and intimate affair, don’t try too much DIY with flower decoration. A wedding can be very elaborate affair and you might not have the time to invest in decoration. Hence, it is better that you delegate it to professional wedding décor and Wedding Flower Etiquetteservice providers.

Follow these tips and you can easily sail through the tricky wedding gifting and wedding flower decoration part!