Wedding Items Packing Ideas :

I want to get married all over again! Nah, don't take me wrong. I want to get married to the same person but under a completely different arrangement. I am in absolutely love and awe with the Wedding items packing ideas and trendy wedding packing decoration. The bling and the zing of 'Shaadi' truly comes out with these customized, innovative and creative wedding packing designs. From vintage-inspired floral vanity boxes to brocade and velvet trousseau boxes, you cannot help but fall in love with them!  While I can go on and on about how much I adore these wedding packing decoration, here are the things that I want every to-be bride to own!

(You can thank me later!) :)

Read on!

    1. Customized Vanity Box:  Whether you are fond of makeup or not, a vanity box becomes your companion after marriage. You go on your honeymoon, have to attend several parties and host reception. You know you cannot do without touch ups.  Of course, a regular and routine vanity box is available but then, it is just that. ROUTINE. Like your marriage, everything related to you should be delightful, plush and special. I say, go all out girl and own all the bling while you can! Get your photo like a royal princess, add brocade and stone to your vanity box!


    1. Vintage Bridal Suitcase: How does vintage-inspired floral suitcase with cool paisley colour sound? Awesome, isn't it? Well, it is possible to move over those mundane heavy boxes and get spacious yet light-weight suitcase that can hold your stuff while you go out on a trip right after your marriage. You can also customize the suitcase the way you want to.


    1. Trousseau Box: Trousseau, be it lehenga, saree or salwar suit, is well-kept in a trousseau box. Not only you can present the trousseau in the most beautiful manner in a wedding trousseau box, you can preserve it too. The trousseau box is usually made of sturdy yet lightweight wood that is easy to carry but also keeps your precious apparel moth-free, crease-free and away from damage. Available in various shapes and sizes, a trousseau box can make your memories even more special.


    1. Jewellery Box: Are you still getting those boring red jewellery boxes for your jewellery? Argh! Girls, please don't! When you can get customized and brocade-laced wedding jewellery box, finished with stones and laces, don't settle on anything lesser.


  1. Bridal clutches: A clutch is an integral part of a woman's lifestyle. But a bridal clutch is to mark your special beginning. You can take that bridal clutch along and turn heads in awe wherever you go.  Choose from the wide options of brocade, embroidery, velvet, 'zari' and retro-prints. You can also go for personalized prints where you can get your picture sketched or pasted with golden threads on the clutch.

Well, this pretty much makes up the wedding packing list I am gushing about these days. But this is not it, folks! You can get coin pouches, candy bouquets, mithai boxes, personalized saree covers for bridesmaids and to-be family, fruit baskets, wedding trays and dry fruit boxes to give your 'shaadi' a more personalized and extraordinaire feel.