Know About What Women Want ?

Apart from the Whatsapp forwards and several open letters from feminists to men, I can’t think of anything that does justice to this question, which takes the top slot in the list of life’s unanswered questions.

But I’m not the one to admit defeat so easily. (See, I am a woman too!)

In fact, the title of this post should have been, ‘What makes women happy’! (Another proof of me being a woman, I changed the course of discussion when I wasn’t winning!)

  • A nice guy, with six packs and a heart of gold!

We all swoon over Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Gerard Butler. We love their bodies and attitude but we love them more for how they treat their special ladies in personal life. They are generous, kind and compassionate towards everybody despite such major fan following and heavyweight celebrity status! This is what makes them worth drooling over! While we can compromise on six packs to some extent, a kind and good heart is non-negotiable.shutterstock_103003835

  • We love to be surprised with flowers. Especially when other people are seeing this.


Yes, flowers can still help you score brownie points with us. Especially when girlfriends are around and when we want to make somebody feel jealous. Chocolates, soft toys and cakes, ummm… this list can get quite long but I think you got the flow about what women wants.

  • PMS is for real. But it is not the only reason that she might be angry with you.


Every woman undergoes through this. It is not ‘that time of the month’, one of your favorite phrases that you constantly bombard us with. It is just precisely a few days before that time when hormones are going crazy and we don’t know what to do. But that doesn’t mean that you could impose our justified anger on this hormonal mess. It doesn’t take an Einstein though to keep shoes in proper place and towel on the hook. You can try doing that for once.

  • Act Sexy!


Women find men sexy and irresistible who help them with domestic chores. A man working in the kitchen is like a scrumptious blueberry cheesecake wrapped in white chocolate that should be gulped whole, in just one bite. Yes, we can do that. Gifted we are, you know!

  • Compatibility doesn’t mean ‘Yesmanship.’


If I don’t want to go to your official party, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t compatible. Two human beings. Two different choices. It is as simple as that. Let the wisdom prevail! Sometimes space is necessary and you can remind us too when we invade your personal space a little too much!