Know About Why Women Love Flowers ?

women love flowers

What’s up with women? Why they always create a fuss when you do (and don’t!) gift them flowers? They act all lovey-dovey and become emotional when you send them flowers.  If your luck isn’t your side, you don’t and their colleague or girlfriend has received flowers, they turn into a green-eyed monster and only you are left to suffer the melodrama and ‘you-don’t-love-me-anymore’ blabber.  But why? What’s the connection? Wanna know? Here are some insider tips (because they are coming from a woman!) that why women go weak at their knees when it comes to flowers?  Why is that women feel strongly connected to the blooms and they have to stop in the tracks to admire every fresh flower bouquet and a wild trail of daffodils?

It is all in the Genes!

women love for flowersFlowers are associated with tradition, and they have seen their mothers decorate home with flowers and go all gushy on receiving flowers. A mother-daughter bond is forever and girls always take after their mother when it comes to the likes and preferences. So, here you go, it is in our blood, you see.And please don’t ask me how the first ever woman on this Earth could have probably liked flowers!

Romance, My Dear, romance!

romancing flowersDoesn’t matter how many times women come up with the excuses of headache and ‘that time of the month,’ the truth is they are die-hard romantic and have strong imagination as well as high fantasy quotient. They pile up the DVDs of romantic movies and love to watch the male actor showering petals and fresh flowers on the female actors while growing up!  This is how women want their lives to be.  When you send flowers, it is a kind of reminiscent of the fairy tale and ‘happily ever after’ life they always want to lead and live!

Skin Care at it best!

women like flowersWomen all want to look gorgeous and sexy, much akin to flowers. And flowers are the perfect way to boost one’s skin care regime. Natural and organic, these possess powerful antioxidants, anti-ageing and cleansing properties that even most of the top-labels brands don’t.  Just to let you all men know, flowers can also uplift your mood and cheer you up, resulting in acne-free and smooth skin! A few drops of floral oils in bathing water can relax and calm you the way that even a Swedish massage from a premium spa can’t. So, when you send flowers to the love of your life, it is always a win-win situation.

Special People Deserve Special Attention:

flowers attachmentLast but not least, when you send flowers online, it shows that she is being cared for, pampered and is thought about.  And this means a lot.  In the chaos you are amidst at your professional front, you still took time out to order her favorite flowers, this implies that how deeply you love her and she was occupying your thoughts when actually she shouldn’t (Weren’t you supposed to focus on your work, duh)!

Don’t Add to her Waist!

women is confusing but love flowersGod knows how women always rant about their weight and only you know how difficult it is to answer this question when she stands in front of the mirror and fires the missile at you, ‘am I looking fat?’ Be prepared to face the rant if you gift her chocolates and take her to the dinner. She’ll, of course, lick even the last of the chocolate from the box but just make sure to hide weighing scale afterwards to keep your peace of mind intact. Or you can just avoid all this weight-watching drama, and gift her flowers! She cannot eat flowers unless she is into the new fad of adding flowers to the almond pie and desserts! Then, poor you, only God can save you!