Winter Flowers

The seasons come and go, but nature carries on as a perennial entity. This is where a wide range of plants come into existence, with each of them is capable of thriving in the cold weather. It does not take much effort to come across plants that can bloom through a deep layer of snow or those that create a reflection of their bright colors from the icicles that hang down from over the roof of your house.

You would be wrong to think of them as plants that simply cling on and manage to get through the snow and cold – these actually thrive in the winter conditions! Whether you are an avid gardener or are simply keen to keep your backyard looking attractive around the year, winter plants will help bring a special personalized touch to your home.

List of Winter Flowers For Garden

Here’s a look at some of the popular winter flowers that you can grow in your garden even during the freezing cold weather.

Camellia Flowers : Camelia

Camelia is one of the most popular choices among winter flowers plants. An evergreen species, it can be found blooming from fall to the early spring season, with its brightly colored winter flowers akin to roses offering a striking contrast in an otherwise dull winter landscape. Camelia grows best in a place where it can enjoy some amount of sunlight, though it should not be too strong. It should also be offered complete protection against strong winds.

Winterberry FlowersWinterberry

A cousin of the holy winter flower plant, winterberry loses its leaves during the fall season, thus allowing its bright red berries to come alive in their own setting. A staple to have around on most winter landscapes, it is the berries that make their presence all the more special amidst the white snow cover. The seeds should be sown in a cold frame during the fall season and transplanted to a layer of rich, moist soil during the spring season. The plant tends to grow very slowly and it may be around two to three years before you see them start to bloom.

Firethorn FlowersFirethorn

A hardy winter plant that you can find growing annually, the firethorn makes for an attractive sight any time of the year. The plant is comprised of sparkling white flowers growing in small clusters during the spring season, while bright glossy green leaves take over during other times of the year. The berries, which are shaped like small peas, can be either yellow or orange in color and remain long after the end of the fall season. The seeds should be cold framed and planted during the fall, while in spring they should be transplanted into a layer of rich, well drained earth.

Heather Flowers Heather

Heather is a plant that has been extremely popular in Europe but has been overlooked to a great extent until recently in other areas when it came to be recognized as an appealing winter plant. It blooms all year long and produces beautiful flowers during the fall and summer seasons. During the winter season, this thick foliage creates an appealing contrast to the considerably more delicate blooms produced from other winter plants. They should be planted during the winter months along with mulch in a place that receives a maximum amount of sunlight during the cold season.


A little bit of imagination and seeds to plant in your garden are the only things that you need to create a beautiful landscape during the winter season. A small investment will give you immense pleasure not only in the cold winter months but all through the year.

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