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These Are Some Useful Tips to Clean Teddy At Home

How to Clean Teddy Bear at Home


A teddy bear is for a lifetime. You snuggle and cuddle with it as you sleep! If your kid has received teddy bear as a birthday gift, it becomes all the way more special! A teddy bear can stay with you all your life if you keep it well and clean! Since kids keep on playing with them and keep chewing on the ears, it becomes all the more important to keep them hygienic and clean!

 And guess what; cleaning a teddy bear is easier than ever now with these handy tips! Read on!

  • Teddy bears are gentle being so be gentle with them! Whether you want to go for thorough cleaning or just the fur cleanup, be soft and suave with them! You can also start with reading the instruction label about washing and cleaning teddy bears.
  • Always use a soft detergent to wash teddy bear.  Use cold water always. Hot water can damage the furs and shrink the fabric lining.  If you are putting the soft toy in washing machine, use of net laundry bag or a pillow cover is highly recommended. Use fabric conditioner as you rinse it to make it fragrant and to restore the sheen.
  • However, it is better to avoid dryer at all. Let the teddy bear hang naturally with two clips on ear.  You can also use hair dryer to dry the fur.
  • If the soft toy is dirty and have food particles on the fur, vacuum clean it!  Or clean it with soft brush.  
  • Please note that only teddy bears made of synthetic fibers can be cleaned by brush and wet clothes.

How to Clean Teddy Bear Fur

  • Cleaning the teddy bear fur is easier and should be your go-to option if all you need is to clean the spots, which can be effectively done by using a light detergent on the stained area.  Use a soft cotton piece of cloth to rub the stain off. Dab the stain and rinse it with a damp cloth.  Dry the teddy bear! Make sure the cloth doesn’t bleed color.

How to clean a teddy bear in a washing machine:

  • Read the instructions first. If it is mentioned that the teddy bear needs hand wash, avoid putting it in the washing machine. The button, sequin, fur and internal fabric lining is very delicate and can be damaged during spinning.  Do not tumble dry stuffed animals.
  • If your kid is too attached with the teddy bear, then it is recommended that you don’t clean it at home.  Use expert and professional dry clean services to make teddy bacteria and grime free!