Wedding Gift Packaging in Chennai

MayaFlowers specializes in trousseau packing Chennai. Imparting your gifts, wedding favors, sarees, wedding gowns and lehengas a beautiful and impressive presentation, its expert designers ensure a stunning and creative head start for your new journey! Just so that you know, wedding gift packaging by MayaFlowers doesn’t just score ten-on-ten on visual impact, but is also a super awesome way to safeguard your heirloom sarees, jewellery and attire.

While you and your family is already bogged down with heavyweight arrangements of wedding, MayaFlowers comes as a one-stop destination to fulfill your wedding packing needs. One major task down! Yes, the sigh of relief is totally audible.

Whether you are looking for thematic matching of gift packing with your wedding theme or want the expert designers here to come up with really exciting wedding packaging ideas, rest assured that you get professional solutions that are derived keeping your need, occasion and budget in mind. Moreover, the team also undertakes corporate event gift packing, baby shower packing, engagement and shagun thali packing.

The wedding packing in Chennai by MayaFlowers comprises bath set decorative gifts, saree packing for bride and family, decorative tray packing, Valentine hampers, suit packing for the groom and family, fancy saree gift packing, lingerie packing, cosmetic packing, floral decorative gifts and many more.  

Trousseau packing Chennai

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Trousseau Packaging by MayaFlowers

The trousseau packaging in Chennai by MayaFlowers is a professional answer to your wedding packing needs. Be it about ladies sangeet or wedding return favors, doli card packing, shagun envelopes or box cards, the designers ensure that the every gift decoration brings out the fun and festivities of the wedding. A seamless and streamlined concept is prepared by the professional team to give you smart gift solutions that are aesthetic as well as viable. Using highest-quality of gift wraps, laces, ribbons, handmade paper, wood and palm leaves to transform your wedding gifts into everlasting memories, MayaFlowers makes sure that the entire packaging remains eco-friendly.  The gift wrapping supplies in Chennai are procured from local artisans to promote and nurture the indigenous arts and to ensure that the tradition and feelings related to wedding don’t get lost in all-things contemporary. This is why, the team takes pride that its gift packing or trousseau packing in Chennai isn’t just about presentation! It is more than just a showcase of a bride’s possession or family favors. In fact, it is about the timeless connection of emotions that go through from one family to another. It is about celebrations and it is about a journey, which brings together two families and, which deserve only an auspicious start and nothing else!

Fresh and innovative, the trousseau packing by the company retains the exclusivity of an occasion, be it corporate gift packing or an engagement party. After the idea and theme of the event is discussed, the most festive and luxurious idea is converted into reality for you, to turn your wedding trousseau into a keepsake!

Want to know more about outstanding professional trousseau services in Chennai? call at 819999 3344 or send an email to us for more information and discuss wedding packaging with experts. 

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