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We have flowers for Everyone - Call us : 819999 3344

MayaFlowers is India’s leading corporate florist. Taking great care in arranging and delivering finest of floral designs and arrangements to individuals and businesses across the country, the company specializes in catering to the floral needs to the exact specification. Whether you require single-stem bud at every workstation to celebrate special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or company’s foundation day, or you want to avail plantscaping service for the interiors, MayaFlowers’ floral services in Bangalore caters to your every need, space constraints and budget.

The clientele range of MayaFlowers high-end corporates, spas, salons, conference halls, event space, residential spaces and retailers in Bangalore. The online florist undertakes weekly / biweekly or monthly flower arrangement and office space decorations for them. With plenty of varied options of corporate flowers such as floral centerpieces, succulents, office plants and floral arrangement with vase and exclusive Jaipur pottery, MayaFlowers’ aim is to infuse creativity and color into their spaces.  

The idea behind providing interior and exterior plantscaping of an office space in Bangalore is to create the perfect atmosphere with custom floral arrangements for the lobby, concierge, entrance, stairways and even bathrooms! Create a striking visual impact on your guests and visitors, and let them know how you pay attention to detail!

From installation to maintenance, MayaFlowers’ expert team will be there to set up the exclusive flower arrangement in accordance with the floor plan, your need and budget. From a subtle placement of blooms near the doorman to the luxurious upside-down flower garden installation, MayaFlowers takes pride in bringing every space to life!

Corporate Floral Services in Bangalore

Each business is unique like its challenges, perspective and target audiences, why stick to ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to corporate flowers in Bangalore? Flowers you will send to your employees to honor them for their contribution to the organization’s progress and the ones, you’ll be sending to your business associates for extending the contract are going to be vastly different.

 As it is said that great things start with listening to the end customers, the expert floral designers do exactly that. While understanding your requirement of office events decoration and office space decoration, they come up with fresh floral arrangements that align with your corporate culture and meet your expectations. Every single floral design in Bangalore is based on your requirement in terms of style and budget, retaining the exclusivity of your business and gesture.

If you aren’t sure about flowers for business, you can also opt for office plants or potted greenery such as golden pothos, peace lily, lucky bamboo and spider plant.  These aren’t fragrant and make for safe gifts for people with allergies.  Moreover, you can also team up your corporate flowers with cakes, chocolates, traditional sweets, basket of seasonal fruits and dry fruit boxes.

MayaFlowers provides a dedicated single point contact to cater to each account.  From setting up to the corporate flower account to questions and issues pertaining to design, maintenance and installation will be directed to this contact for a streamlined process. 

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