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MayaFlowers brings fresh floral arrangements for small businesses, corporate houses and offices in Chennai.  The expert floral designers create beautiful fresh flower arrangements that make the ambience of your office more productive and elegant. Whether you are looking for corporate flower designs for a special corporate event such as new product launch, gala, party, and workshop or as gifts for clients, consider it done with MayaFlowers! The company also offers special package deals for corporate houses and companies in Chennai which are looking to enhance their social reputation among their customers and business associates.

Sending flowers online is a great way to enhance morale and boost the productivity of your employees. Create a fresh and inviting appeal with gorgeous corporate flower arrangement ideas that are as unique and special as your brand needs and target audience.

Specializing in corporate and office flower decoration programs, MayaFlowers is catering to premium brands in the sector of hospitality, medicine, corporate and exhibition centers.  Customized flowers arrangements are chosen and designed in accordance with the culture and ambience of an office.  From the selection of flowers to the fragrance, color and size of arrangement is considered and maintained to respect the harmony of the event space.

MayaFlowers understands that when you send corporate flowers in Chennai, it is your reputation and trust at stake. After all, you don’t know the kind of flowers that are being sent in your name.  Tulips instead or orchids and orchids, in place of roses, there is huge difference, which translates into your reputation and goodwill being made or shattered to the pieces! The recipients are often gracious to never report the mishandling or poor quality of flower arrangements but you know how these reflect on you and your business choices!

So trust one of the premier corporate florist, MayaFlowers to ensure the right, spot on time and always the best and finest of the flower delivery in Chennai, exact to the specification you want!

Weekly Arrangements of Flowers in Corporate Offices:

There have been several researches that conclude that having flowers and greenery at workplace reduces the stress levels of employees and increases their productivity. If you don’t want to go by this indirect benefit of having flowers at office, you cannot refuse the fact they indeed beautify an ambience and give a stimulating touch to the atmosphere.  

Thanks to the brilliant planning and landscaping skills, the expert flower design teams brings you gorgeous fresh flower bouquets for Corporate events in Chennai, centerpieces and arrangements that connects to your office’s ambience. Whether you want a floral arrangement to sit at the reception or something small yet sweet at every workstation, well, rest assured it is going to be delightful and gorgeous!

Moreover, the corporate floral package also includes plans and services for interior plantscaping, plant decoration and monthly plant maintenance indoors.

Flowers as Corporate Gifts:

In today’s times, flowers are seen as the most elegant and classy souvenirs, which make them totally ideal as a corporate gift. Be it the wedding anniversary of your business partner, your client’s birthday or extension of a project, such occasions call for flowers! If you aren’t sure about a client’s preference, choose from the range of potted office plants such as lucky bamboo, peace lily and ferns.

You can also team up your flower with MayaFlowers’ wide range of traditional sweets, dry fruit baskets and chocolates.  

Corporate Promotions:

Come together with MayaFlowers and avail exciting and special prices as the part of your annual tie-up! Special schemes for NGOs, fundraising, donation and charity programs!

Set up a corporate account now and get a dedicated representative to cater to your needs! 

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