Personal Delivery:

Though we have tied up with premier logistics company, we make sure that your bouquet is delivered to the intended recipient in person.  While the logistic channels make sure that there is lightning fast delivery of the gift, the human in us understand that it is just more than an order. The farm-fresh and freshly-cut MayaFlowers bouquet of seasonal flowers is delivered in person! And mind you, it is not a routine online and tired delivery, calling and checking up on you that there is an order! Yes, we don’t ruin the surprise yet we make sure that the flowers are in the perfect shape and make your dearest one feel loved!

Awesome Feedback:

While we cannot thank you enough for the trust and love you have shown, we aren’t the one to blow our own trumpet. However, as we are continuously striving to provide you services par excellence so, your feedback is always more than welcome. If you aren’t sure about us, check out Facebook and Google+ here, where you can go through hundreds of awesome as well as authentic reviews that speak out volumes for our unique services.

Also, please feel free to drop by your suggestions here. Whether it is about flower delivery, flower arrangement you would like to see or to add a locality for delivery, we eagerly wait to hear from you.

Explore the MayaFlowers Approach. Explore the Difference.

The unflattering, single variety flowers are the thing of the past. Shop with MayaFlowers and explore the real joy of giving flowers.  No photoshop and no professional photography! You get what you see! The flowers are farm-fresh and freshly cut. Rather than creating humdrum and routine arrangements that other marketplaces have been doing so far, the expert florists at MayaFlowers arrange them in a theme-based design. The logistics partners and florists ensure delivery at the preferred address in the perfect shape. No mechanical delivery route is taken and instead the in-person delivery is ensured.The idea is to convey the same joy and emotions that flowers are meant to express.

MayaFlowers take pride in delivering the difference, which is visible in the hundreds of testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Head to and explore the difference on your own.

And all This at no Extra Price!

MayaFlowers coordinates with farmers to buy flowers on a wholesale basis. We encourage farmers and cultivate chemical-free farming of flowers and receive farm-fresh and freshly-cut flowers. This ensures that flowers stay fresh and bloom for longer periods. Since the flowers are purchased in wholesale model, you don’t pay extra despite enjoying perks like boutique designs and free in-person delivery across the world!

Joy has no Boundaries. Neither Do Flowers at MayaFlowers!

Joy is boundless. Then why flower delivery should be restricted to time zone and geographical coordinates? MayaFlowers bring international flower delivery for your near and dear ones. Visit and get flowers delivered at your preferred address across the world!  Select your location as well as delivery time, and you are good to go!

Delivered as Displayed:

No more online cons! Rest assured that the flower arrangements are real and not the result of any photoshop enhancement. You get what you see in the display! Most importantly, the displays aren’t any sort of mundane floral arrangement but boutique design floral patterns that are painstakingly crafted by the expert florists at MayaFlowers. Based on everyday theme, you get customized and exclusive floral arrangements that are designed to complement your special moments and occasions, only to make them even more memorable and more joyous. 

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