fresh flowers care

How often do you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered at your doorstep? Either it is your birthday, anniversary or some special occasion and someone who cares for you has sent you one, or you simply love pampering yourself by ordering flowers on your own. Whatever the reason is, you are in for some good luck as we are going to tell you how to care for those freshly delivered flowers you just got, whether they are in a burlap wrap or some cellophane sheet, so as to prolong the life of those beauties.


No we are not implying that your flowers need rescuing from some sort of trap! We are just asking you to take off all the wrapping your bouquet must be in when you received it. Carefully unpack those beauties and place the flowers on a clean surface. Do not forget to remove all the extra leaves and foliage that can possibly go under the water in the vase as leaves left underwater can create bacteria resulting in stem blockage thus decreasing the life of the flowers.

beauties with fresh flowers


It is time to pick that pretty crystal vase that you bought some time back as you loved it so much but haven’t been able to use it yet. Cleanliness is important in case of the flowers too therefore do wash your vase with soap or any other detergent solution and water so that it is totally dirt free for your flowers to be placed in.

flowers arrangement in clean vase


While most of you may just put your flowers post unpacking in a clean vase, in order to keep them alive for longer duration, it is highly advisable to cut the stems of the flowers from the bottom. Do not stress out now! It is not that much of a hassle as you may think. All you need to do is to take a sharp knife and cut the stems of your flowers at an angle about one to two inches from the bottom. This will allow your flowers to absorb more water once they are placed in the vase. Strictly avoid using scissors for the cutting process as they can crush your flower’s stems and prevent water absorption.

cut flowers to stay fresh for long time


Yes it’s finally time you placed your precious blooms in that pretty vase of yours. Fill it up with fresh water which is cool and obviously clean. Make sure that all the flower and foliage stems are submerged in the water nicely. This means you must keep a check on your vase to ensure that itis full of water all the time.

flowers with love


Yes, you must not forget to return the love that your flowers give you. You can do it by taking a little care of them thereby making them feel loved and live longer. Keep changing the water in your vase every 2-3 days or whenever it appears discolored. Also, every time you change the water, do clean your vase again and then place the flowers back in it. You must also lookout for any dead or dying flowers in your vase and keep removing them.You need to be careful regarding the placement of your flower vase too. It is a general rule that the cooler the temperature is, the slower the flowers tend to open and hence the longer they last. Keep your flower vase in a well-ventilated, cool spot that is away from any heat or direct sunlight. Also, avoid placing it near fruits, on top of televisions or under ceiling fans.


When you receive flowers, do remember that you must have been special enough for someone who sent them to you. So why not enjoy them to the fullest by getting as much life as possible from each bloom! 

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