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So it is your mom’s birthday and your job is keeping you away from home but you really want your mother to know that you haven’t forgotten her on her special day. What is it that you do next? You obviously browse through a flower-delivering website stacked with thousands of pictures of mind-blowing bouquets of flowers. Post checking out a hundred of breath-taking options in those pretty white orchids that your mother just adores, you finally zero down on a bunch that looks quite promising.You finally click on the ‘Buy’ button, enter your debit or credit card details, place your order of flowers to be delivered to your home address and wait for that call from your mommy dear expecting truck-loads of love your way from her for this surprise you planned for her.

You do receive a call from your overtly happy mother and she even sent you a picture of hers along with that bouquet flaunting it like some prized possession of hers. Mothers, we tell you! Even the little things that you do for them provide them with great joy. All of it looks and sounds so perfect until you see that happy picture of your mother and finally notice those flowers in it. Not even close to the once you picked? It is not that mommy isn’t happy about the bouquet for the gesture itself is so overwhelming for her, but the sad arrangement that has been delivered to her does make you feel cheated with half-dead, almost water-starved flowers wrapped in loads of cellophane.

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What are you going to do about it? Do we hear ‘nothing’? Well, how about ordering one of the bouquets listed on our website? And mark our words when we say this that our actual delivered orders look as great as the ones advertised on our website. No bummers there we promise!

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Wondering how we do it? How are we able to create magic with flowers and deliver smiles all across? Well the answer to this lies in our excellent collection of flowers online (a little self-praising doesn’t hurt when supported with facts) for you to choose from followed by our unmatched flower delivery services (you got to order some to know that we are true to our words). Here’s how we create magic with flowers:

  • We have on our website the freshest and the most exotic flowers available in the whole of India.
  • You just need to invest a maximum of 5 minutes to take your pick out of the endless options.
  • Next we design an exact bouquet of flowers as you seeon the website with obviously the freshest of flowers.
  • Our delivery guys scoot over the gorgeous bouquet to your lucky recipient in no time.
  • Needless to mention the end result includes all smiles from the receiver’s as well as the sender’s end.


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