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Gorgeous and impressive gift presentation has found its new and ultimate destination in Kolkata, MayaFlowers!  Bringing exquisite, classy and novel approach to the traditional gift wrapping, MayaFlowers introduces an innovative way to presentation that wins heart and scores full marks for style too!

Tying a knot has never been easy. Apart from wedding preparations for mandap, catering and wedding decoration of venue, there are lots of things that demand your vigorous and undivided attention. If you are a bride-to-be, you know what it is about. From wedding dress, saree packing, lehengas, gowns to wedding favors for guests, cosmetic packing, lingerie bag packing and honeymoon clothes, there are so many things that need to be added to this already exhaustive wedding list! If not managed properly, you know how you could just forget the matching blouse with your wedding saree or it can simply skip from your mind to pack in holiday clothes for your honeymoon. Disastrous, isn’t it?

So, wouldn’t this be a wonderful idea to leave the wedding packaging to the expert and rather focus on beauty regime so that you could flaunt the perfect glow on your big day? The expert designers at MayaFlowers offer you a streamlined and seamless approach for wedding packaging. Whether it has to be a thematic match to your wedding, a contrast or completely new idea, trust the expert and experienced team to give you the best value of your money and bring out the best!

Trousseau packing Kolkata

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One-Stop Wedding Packing in Kolkata with MayaFlowers

Be spoilt for choice with MayaFlowers’ trousseau packing Kolkata.  Offering customized and made-to-order approach for gift packing, here you can find solution to your every wedding packing need. Whether you want to execute a novel idea for mehendi night gift packing or need first Diwali gift packing services for the in-laws and extended family, lo and behold, you will be presented with exceptional services and unrivalled selection to choose from!

MayaFlowers’ expert designers work with complete flexibility while understanding the time constraints. Open and perceptive to all the ideas you might have with the wedding gift packing in Kolkata, they work hand-in-hand with you to create an impressive and interesting amalgam of gifts and emotions!

The portfolio of MayaFlowers is full of inspirational ideas to choose from. However, the team takes pride in creating customized and personalized wedding gift packing solutions that fit your budget, need, occasion and style. The trousseau packing in Kolkata by the team is unique and heady concoction of fun and festivity!  Bringing the essentials out for what the city of joy is known for, the presentation of gifts is intermingling of traditional and modern elements. While the ribbons, lace and glitter shout out the modern vibes, it is the wood, pottley and floral decoration that echoes the rustic charm MayaFlowers abides by!

Make your trousseau and wedding gifts a feast for your guests’ eyes! As they say, first impression is the last impression, don’t forget to score ten-on-ten on the aesthetics of wedding packaging! Bring elegance and class to your trousseau packing by taking expert help of MayaFlowers. And not to forget, all this is in your budget!

Don’t hesitate to know more about how MayaFlowers’ expert team can bring elegant and classy touch to your wedding packaging! call at 819999 3344 or send an email to us to talk now to the wedding packaging professionals!

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