The mayaflowers way

The Perspective

Isn’t perspective the only thing that creates the whole difference? Making customers feel special, understanding the significance of their special occasions, and offering full value of their money!

But at MayaFlowers, we want to take this up a few notches. We aim to create a holistic experience for our customers and provide exceptional customer service by offering them best-quality flowers, as and when they want.  So, MayaFlowers involves at every step. From purchase to the design and selling them at this online portal, a seamless business practice is created and facilitated for the customers. The goal is to make the digital experience happen to the customers in a feel-good way.  Come, join us and give us a chance as a wonderful experience is waiting for you!

Always Farm-Fresh Flowers

You buy flowers online or from a store near you. You want to gift them to your loved ones or want to brighten up the décor. But what happens next? The moment you drop them in that beautiful vase of yours, they aren’t fun anymore. They aren’t what they seem to be in that display or what you had in mind. That is because, they aren’t fresh. God knows, when those pretty little things were cut and put in chemical to look all pumped up. And yes, not to mention those water sprays in every 15 minutes to perk’em up!

Fortunately, here is an end to this.  MayaFlowers have coordinated with farmers and local florists who grow flowers. There’s no hidden tiny asterisk when you buy flowers online with us.  MayaFlowers is the guarantee of fresh and beautiful seasonal flowers. The flowers are cut, organized and designed when you order so that you can have fresh flowers that last longer.

Boutique Designs:

Move over regular floral pyramids, will you? Our expert florists make sure that like your unique occasion, they create unique and beautiful designs for you. Flower arrangements at MayaFlowers aren’t the usual cellophane-wrapped and scrappily bunched flowers. The love you show, when you decide to order flowers for your loved ones, is echoed through our flowers, loud and clear because we make it visible.

Perfectly Wrapped Bouquet:

The way you are getting the flowers wrapped make a sea-difference. The cheap wrapping and ribbons can make your gift look tacky irrespective of what you paid for them. Don’t you think that it’s time to choose the difference and the best. Florists at MayaFlowers pay attention to the details. From flowers to the burlap to wrap the bouquets, you get the best of quality and complete value of money.

Daily Arrangement

Environment Conservation, quite the buzzword out there, but rarely anybody wants to do anything about it. Here we are, doing our bit!  Based on a theme, MayaFlowershas decided to introduce one arrangement a day. Minimal garbage, max usage and totally in your budget! The emphasis will be over quality and not quantity, reducing the waste considerably. So, you won’t see hundreds of standard bouquet when you browse through but you will certainly get the best ones out there!

Super-Fast Ordering:

Easy and breezy! This is what MayaFlowers has to offer when it comes to process your order! You visit, checkout the arrangements, select the one you want and voila! You are ready to check out.  The only problem is that we don’t have mediocre options, so you might have trouble selecting one!

Once you have filled in your details such as address and billing information, you don’t have to enter them again when you visit us next time.

You Get What You Order

Welcome to the digital world. You order stuff online, only to return it because it looked somewhat different in the picture and totally disappoints you when you see it in real.  Usually the displayed stuff is so enhanced by professional photo shoots that you give in to the temptation. Well, you won’t have to complain anymore.  At MayaFlowers, your wish is our command. You just name the flowers, and we pick them the way you would have picked and wrap it the way you would have, with the same love and emotions.  So, the recipient of flowers receives the exact gift you have in mind, speaking out the same sentiments that you want to!

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