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It is your marriage!

Make it memorable! Make it special! Make it happening!

Marriages in India are always a big, fat one. There can’t be a compromise when it comes to making a wedding grand! Be it catering, wedding decor, floral decoration or car decoration with flowers, it always has to be a scene straight out from a Bollywood movie! And why not, we Indians love the drama! But why is that when it is about paying attention to the details, there are always gaping holes that need undivided attention but since ages, those are just been, well, left as-it-is!

A wedding becomes special when everything brings out the fun, festive and fervor, for which Indian weddings are known for. Be it shagun thali or engagement ring tray, bride’s cosmetics or wedding suit packing for the groom and family, W-E-D-D-I-N-G is what they should spell out loud!

Trousseau packing Mumbai

Diwali gifts in Mumbai

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However, what is seen around are the monotonous wrapping, which can be passed for as any gift. Shouldn’t marriage packing and gifts be announcing that the love is in the air? Don’t you agree?

 It is not to say that trousseau packing or wedding gift packing in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai should go over the top with all that bling and glitter!  But even if it is subtle, the subtle notes and undercurrents of the gift packing should bring out the love of two beautiful people!

MayaFlowers’ Trousseau and Wedding Packing Services

At MayaFlowers, you get professional trousseau packing Mumbai services that are designed keeping your needs and budget in mind. Whether your marriage is an intimate affair where only close family members are invited or a full-on band, baaja and baarati scene, rest assured that the team creates memories that live with you forever!

From engagement ring trays to sangeet favors, from mehndi packing to cosmetic and lingerie packing for honeymoon, from fancy saree packing for the bride and extended family to suit packing for the groom, every kind of wedding packing is covered and provided by the expert design team!

Impressive and exceptional, the trousseau packing by MayaFlowers always revolves around your expectations. Whether you want your wedding gift packing to be a match to your wedding décor, or have no thoughts in particular, it is always the best wedding gift packing idea that is selected to transform your wedding favors into souvenirs.  The right wedding gift packing not only ensures the classy presentation but also preserves the costly jewellery and cosmetics you had purchased especially for your marriage.

While wedding is fun for the guests, for the immediate family it is always a chaotic affair with so many things to do in such short span of time. Hence, handover your wedding gift packing to the experts and have one less worry to think about!

Let your wedding favors and gifts become memories and a token for your marriage that stay with you and your guests always. MayaFlowers also undertakes corporate gift packing Mumbai and baby shower gift packing.  Whatever the occasion or budget is, rest assured that you get the perfect and professional trousseau packing to upgrade the look of the gifts!

Feel free to call us at 819999 3344 or send an email to us to know more about MayaFlowers’ professional wedding gift packing services in Mumbai!

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