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Wedding Flowers by Leading Goa Wedding Florist

Blooms add color and infuse life to the special celebrations of life.  At weddings, they are integral part that enhance the visual impact of the ambience, adorn the bride and guests as well as complement the occasion to by adding to the feel and vibe.

MayaFlowers, the leading online Goa florist brings you a wide range of wedding flowers. Ranging from the classics such as roses and lilies to the exotic blooms like orchids, tulips and peonies, you have options galore to choose the blooms you’ll love. Whether you want to carve out a wedding décor look that is straight from your favorite movie or wish to celebrate your big day with just your family members and a few friends, the wedding florist ensures that the wedding floral décor is in accordance with your budget, need and venue space.

From Indian weddings to beach weddings and western weddings, creating stylish, decorative and memorable wedding décor arrangement is the specialty of MayaFlowers. The expert florists here understand your vision and idea of marriage decoration and take it forward from there. They work to create gorgeous bridal flowers, corsets, mandaps, entrance, floral backdrops, boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquets, thus making your wedding moments picturesque.

If you are thinking about wedding in Goa, theme weddings can also interest you. MayaFlowers’ portfolio covers Arabian theme wedding, Royal Indian wedding with a fort or palace in the backdrop, Goan carnival theme, Rajasthan theme wedding and Victorian or vintage wedding theme. If you are willing to experiment, theme wedding décor in Goa by the leading online wedding florist is the perfect way to assure never-ending fun, frolic and excitement while you say your wedding vows.

Wedding Floral Packages and Wedding Flower Arrangements

Color-coordinating your weddings with fresh flower bouquets, church flowers, floral installations, flower chandeliers, car decoration and floral fountains, MayaFlowers’ expert florists ensures that the wedding floral decoration arrangements add extraordinary flair to your wedding.

MayaFlowers specializes in destination wedding planning Goa. From planning to the production, development and execution of wedding floral décor are undertaken by this leading wedding florist in Goa. Offering custom-made wedding solutions for every budget, the focus is always on creating unique and exclusive wedding décor ideas.  Rather than just giving you a brochure to let you pick flowers and choose a wedding décor package on your own, the expert florists here take you on a journey that leads to stunning wedding floral decoration and is totally wow-worthy! With consultation and proper guidance at every step to help you pick the right wedding flowers that are seasonal and hence, cost-effective, the wedding décor & set up by MayaFlowers is always one-of-its-own-kind. The balanced design and wedding décor remains outstanding while being a central part of the wedding. Extending the fun and festivity of the wedding to the guests, MayaFlowers’ wedding décor brings out the best of a wedding venue by becoming the main part of it. 

Helping you create unforgettable wedding memories through flowers, MayaFlowers’ wedding floral arrangements blend in well not just with the venue but with your budget and need too!

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