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Floral Décor for Weddings | Wedding Décor in Vizag with MayaFlowers

Weddings are fun and who doesn’t like wedding extravaganzas!  But the moment you come to the other side of road where the entire family has to deal with endless situations of managing a great grand Indian affair called marriage, you know how difficult that is!

This is where MayaFlowers comes in picture! Your one-stop solution to every Trousseau wedding décor need and emergency, MayaFlowers brings experts and wedding designers and Trousseau wedding packing services like saree packing, tray packing or gift packing onboard that have previous experience to deal with a grand occasion like marriage with religious and social sensibilities.

The wedding packages by MayaFlowers are customized and revolve around your preference and budget. No readymade packages for wedding décor are available since the team believes that wedding is a special and unique affair and it should not be subjected to mundane. While the readymade packages might be cheaper but exclusivity or personal touch might be missing from the décor.

So, when you contact MayaFlowers for weddings in Vizag, it is your idea and concept of marriage that is further taken to implementation in accordance with your budget. If you aren’t sure about or clueless about wedding ideas and arrangements, the team can give you a head start too!

The idea of wedding décor is to not just decorate the venue with flowers or get the supplies such as wedding cakes, or lighting arrangements at the venues, it is about utilizing every nook and corner of the value in the most feasible manner without overdoing it!

MayaFlowers provides holistic wedding arrangement and décor services. From entrance decoration to mandap decoration, from sangeet ceremony to the gifts on mehendi evening, from shagun thal to engagement ring decorative trays and trousseau packing, it is your one-stop destination to all-things weddings!

Whether you want to go all out and experiment with your wedding theme or want your wedding to be an intimate affair with only close friends and family being a part of it, don’t let the festivities be lost on you in chaos and mismanagement. Come together with MayaFlowers and give your marriage stress the much-needed rest. While the pre-wedding jitters you need to deal with your own, rest assured that you won’t have breakouts or experience as much as a crease on forehead due to wedding management and planning!

Get in touch with MayaFlowers to realize your dream wedding. Whether it is a Bollywood theme wedding or Star Trek wedding party after marriage, your wedding dream, no matter how traditional or simply out of the box, MayaFlowers ensures that it is fulfilled as per your preferences and within your budget!

Call MayaFlowers now on 819999 3344 or send an email to us for more information! 

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