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Room Decoration

At Maya Flowers we wrap the special day of yours with the enchanting beauty and fragrance of flowers. Our collection of flowers, with their opulent beauty, grace and purity feel every corner of your heart with joy. For room decoration our experts prefer using exotic flowers, which spread a charming light fragrance and beauty in the entire atmosphere.

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Room Decoration Ideas

We have hired the florists, who has accumulated quite amount of experience in their field and also has worked for many big names. Such huge amount of exposure has given them a chance to develop and understand how taste of people varies across different strata of life. If we talk about room décor, here personal preferences get supreme priority.

Only bedrooms do not fall under this category, you can also hire us to decorate any room of your house. You can go for a flower only decoration or a combination of flowers with balloons and decorative items. We always prefer emphasizing on the client’s preference, which is why we always go for detailed discussion with the client during the planning of decoration. The selection of flowers is the most important aspect of the flower decoration.  Depending upon the occasion and atmosphere, flowers are selected in order to give it a magical touch.

Color Ideas for room Decoration

Colors put a great impact on the human mind; it literally can soothe, ignite passion or bring calm in mind. So color should be changed in accord for the purpose. For example, the selection of red or pink is preferred for couples as it symbolizes love and passion. White defines peace, purity and respect. White is most suitable for religious purposes as well as to give a soothing touch to the wall. Yellow and orange creates an ambience of cheer and joy. Celebrations become even more joyful as these bright colors lift the mood for Honeymoon Room Decorations.

Room Decoration With Flowers

 At this point most of our clients feel confused as our wide collection is so attractive. Rose is the first choice for room decorations. It is also the first choice by the newlyweds. As an experienced florist, we advise our clients to go for experiments so that they can get something, which is entirely new and unique.

Your selection showcases your taste and class. We at Maya Flowers ensure that your choice reflects good class and culture. White Flowers like, Daisies, Tulips, Lillis, Gerberas and Orchids are preferred by a large section of our client base as they are simple yet elegant. We supply every kind of flowers from local to international just to enhance the beauty of your room. Our chocolate bouquets are also very popular because they give a sweet, stunning touch to the ambiance of the room decoration.

Honeymoon Room Decoration

Sometimes, just a bunch of red roses and a box of chocolate can fill the ambiance with a passion for Honeymoon and joy and sometimes a room filled with hundreds of roses fails to create magic. The sense of proportion is important while designing. We never clutter the room with an excess of flowers; rather a fine balance is maintained to bring out the real beauty of that entire honeymoon room decoration. We always refrain from using different kinds of flowers in a single room and many times follow a theme keeping the occasion in mind.

A flower expresses numerous untold emotions and marks the beginning of love and happiness. Our florists are always at their toe to give you that joy.