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Flower Jewellery

Want to feel like a princess on your special day? Floral jewellery can make you feel special and unique, just as you are! Fresh flowers or rose flower jewellery can add to the charm of your special as well as causal occasions. Flowers have been a part of holy ceremonies in India. Jaimala or love garlands commemorate the weddings. In hawans or poojas, flowers are used as an offering to deities. Additionally, there are a couple of things that could only come with sporting floral jewellery!

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Fresh Silk Flowers Jewellery Online

Not Bling but the Elegance

Flower jewellery has an earthy appeal that gives you elegance and charm. It is subtle and never goes overboard or tries too hard to capture attention. The understated sophistication is its beauty and the admirers know how hard it is to achieve this but for the flowers, it is inherent.


The withered flowers return to where it came from. It goes back to the Mother Nature, leaving the minimal carbon footprint. Floral jewellery by BharatSthali be it a tiara or ring, can withstand and get through an occasion for a day. If refrigerated, they can stay at their perkiest best for three days straight.

The Feminine Charm

Flowers are soft and delicate. They are versatile and persevere through even the most adverse conditions and challenges. Sounds like the woman you know and love, right?

For the Brides to Be

In a wedding, where flowers are the must-have, the bridal floral jewellery seems to be the perfect choice. Bask in the sweet fragrance and feel special with the flower jewellery that is made to order, especially for you!

Not just for women

It isn’t a women’s only club. Men also have the luxury of sporting lapels, boutonniere and headbands made of freshly prepared silk flowers with motifs and jump on this latest fashion trend that is as traditional and modern as you can make it out to be!  Kids can also rock their artificial flower jewellery that is long-lasting and is a keepsake.

No Dearth of Options

When it comes to flower jewellery, you have kamarbandh, rings, earrings, haathphool, pocket flowers, corsages, tiara, beaded necklace, crown and headbands to choose from! The best part is you don’t have to dish out a fortune for them! This budget-friendly jewellery looks classy and still easy on your pocket.  Customized dried flower jewellery is also a popular option in this segment.

Customize your jewellery for choices of flowers. If classic rose flower jewellery doesn’t go with your outfit, you can go for carnations, tulips, jasmine and orchid flowers for your jewellery. An extensive range of floral jewellery is available at your fingertips online at Maya Flowers. Buy flowers jewellery online at Maya Flowers and get it delivered at your doorsteps anywhere in India! For bulk orders and customization, you can get in touch with the team here.