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Anyone would easily agree that everyone loves sending flowers and also receiving flowers especially women. Whether the sender wants to send the flowers as a sign of appreciation or love, any receiver would feel special with just the thought of having it arranged and delivered only for them.

With the constant demand of people with flowers, there are most likely many individuals who are interested in opening flower shops. When talking about flower shops, is one of the elite and best flower shops you can ask for. It is where you can find a wide selection of beautiful and fresh flowers that could impress any person. Aside from flowers, is also known for its impressive flower arrangement service that makes any flower delivery more special.

At, we are not only focused in providing quality services for all of our clients but we are also opening opportunities for those having the knowledge, skills and talent for flower arranging. You see, flower arrangement is truly a fun activity and if it is your hobby, you can actually turn it into a profession. Here at Maya, we see to it that we can support the dreams of any upcoming florists by letting them become the professional florist they want to be.

Given that there are really many people who are interested to know more about flowers and how they can be arranged beautifully, we have opened the opportunity of letting anyone become a professional one. To be a professional florist, one is required to have the expertise in arranging flowers, and this may need several years of experience to deliver impressive services for every need of each client.

How to Be a Florist

To become a florist, the most important thing that you should always bring is your passion and should be aware of how flowers can make anyone feel happy. Other than that, the following are basic requirements needed:

  • Educational Attainment

Passion and the desire to arrange flowers are good things to start with. However, getting a background on any related formal education regarding the subject could enhance your skills and knowledge about it.

  • Accreditation

You must get an accreditation from a florist association for you to become a certified florist and be efficient on your profession.

  • Personality

As a professional florist, you must carry a pleasing personality at all times since you never know what kind of client you may encounter with your job. A great communication skill would also come in handy for accommodating different clients.

At MayaFlowers, we are also open in accepting business ventures alongside other companies and also, we welcome people wanting to be a part of the growing family we have here.

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