Trousseau Packing

Gifting is an art. So is packaging!  MayaFlowers has perfect art of gifting at Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, navi Mumbai, Bangalore and others part of country as well. A classy gift becomes even classier and outstanding if it is wrapped in an equally magnificent gift packing. When it comes to wedding gifts, the need and desire to make gifts distinctive and presentable become more significant.

Unlike what is perceived, wedding packaging is not a modern trend. In fact, it is an age-old tradition which has come round with a bang.  Earlier, it was 'haldi, kumkum, roli and akshat' that were used to give a specialized and divine touch to wedding gifts.

If you are looking for innovative and versatile gift packing and wedding packaging, look no further than MayaFlowers! Versatile and much more than exotic embellishments, the gift packing for weddings and bridal showers by MayaFlowers are impressive and simply out-of-the world. Wrapped with sentiments, love and expertise, the wedding gift packaging options are not the most expensive one but certainly the most effective as well as impressive one!

Catering to all needs of gifting and packing, the wedding gift packing innovations by MayaFlowers is unique and designed in accordance with your need and budget. Be it 11K, 51K or more, wooden-shaneel packaging or gold-plated one, MayaFlowers is your one-stop destination for gift packing solutions.

Trousseau packing

Wedding Trousseau Packaging by MayaFlowers

Mehndi Night Trousseau Gift Packing:

As the colour of mehndi shows the love of one's husband much before marriage, MayaFlowers' Mehndi night gift packing is just the beginning of fantastic range of wedding packing.  Conjuring up the gala time of Mehndi event, the enticing range of Mehndi event is designed keeping every age group and person in mind.  From henna tattoos to gift hampers and from trinkets to gold jewellery for near and dear ones,  make it as unique as you want!

Trousseau packing

Trousseau and Saree Packing:

Avail special packing for trousseau and saree for the bride and bridesmaid. For her big day, MayaFlowers makes sure that everything remains as big and memorable as she wants her day to be.  For a bride, a bridal saree or trousseau is  not for one day, it is a tradition, a most important garment that a woman will ever wear.

Hence, keeping it safe and in a beautiful as well as creative manner is paramount. Trust MayaFlowers for trousseau packing that is well-suited for your need and in your budget.

Additionally, MayaFlowers also offers wide range of creative saree packing designs for the bride and bride's to-be relatives in latest designs such as kite, boat, peacock and fan with decorative items such as cosmetics and gift hampers.

Lakh Trousseau Wedding Trays:

For weddings and festivities, MayaFlowers offers a diverse range of wedding trays and decorative lakh wedding trays. Made of superior material, you can pick from varied options in accordance with your budget and need. You can also customize the trays with bride and groom's photographs as well as Radha Krishna idols. You can also opt for zari and gota work on trays.

Available at attractive prices,  these wedding trays are ideal as engagement and return gifts also. These are highly durable and sturdy enough to carry your valuable items.

Wooden and Shaneel Packaging:

MayaFlowers' wedding packaging experts believe in giving you the best value for your money. From traditional wrap packaging to the innovative wooden and shaneel packaging, trust MayaFlowers for superior products available at reasonable prices. The wooden and shaneel packaging gives your gift a magnificence and classy appeal.

Chocolate Gift Box and Packaging:

Chocolates are a delight in their own. With classy and creative packaging  options of MayaFlowers, you make them even classier and more presentable. Move over mundane and regular gift boxes of chocolate and make them luscious and lustrous with creative chocolate gift box packaging. Wrapped with attractive and creative bows, the chocolate gift box will have you melt with appreciation.

Dry Fruit Tray Packaging

Be spoilt for choices with dry fruit tray packaging options available on MayaFlowers at reasonable prices.

One of the classic gift options, dry fruit get a creative and beautiful makeover with dry fruit tray packaging. Available in various shapes in accordance with your budget and need, the trays are made of excellent product quality and have brilliant packing.

Sweets and Ladoo Box Packaging:

Enhance the festive appeal and get ready to be spellbound with customized sweets box packaging choices offered by MayaFlowers. Apart from complete candy box packaging service, the mix-n-match assortments are also available for customers. These sweets box packaging is also ideal as a festival gift and return gift option.  The ladoo and sweet boxes are made of food-grade material and are easy to carry.

Shagun Gift Packing:

'Shagun' is the first steps towards creating a strong foundation between two families. MayaFlowers understands that and gives you a versatile range of shagun gift packing available at various price points. Whatever you choose, you will be enchanted with the exciting ranges offered. Aesthetically conceived, these gift packing ideas have carved a niche and are in high demand.

Engagement Ring Trays:

Take your engagement ring presentation ideas to a new level with exciting range offered by MayaFlowers. Highly aesthetic and creative, the unique engagement ring trays are available in various size and shapes.  These trays are meant to not only present the rings in a beautiful manner but also to preserve them.

Wedding Cocktail Gift:

Bringing forth the glamour and elite quotient of wedding cocktail parties, MayaFlowers' wedding cocktail gift range exudes the similar finish and aesthetic charm.  Available as per clients' requests, the range matches the spirit of fun, drinks, dance and fervour. Toast your drinks to the future of newly wedded couple with the signature range of wedding cocktail gift options of MayaFlowers.

First Diwali Gift:

Marking yet another milestone in the life of a newly wedded couple, the festival of light, Diwali heightens their happiness to completely new level.  While the first Diwali gift can lighten up their faces, our range of exclusive brightening first Diwali gifts are capable to mirror your feelings. Customize your gifts with flowers, dry fruits, chocolates and sweets according to your choice and budget.

Explore the enticing range of wedding packing and trousseau packing at MayaFlowers! You should celebrate the big day and not keep worrying about whether you have selected the right gift or not, or have gone for the right packaging or not! Celebrate the most auspicious day the way you should.  Call _81-9999 33-44_ for more information and attractive discounts.  Customize your gift packing options and give your gift packing a personal touch on joyous occasions.  

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