Indian Wedding Packing Ideas

In India, marriage isn't about two people. Here, marriage means that two families, extended and distant relatives are going to be together forever. It is a festival where everybody wants to be a part of fervour, fun and joy. Know about Indian Wedding Packing Ideas from

indian wedding packing Ideas

The big fat Indian weddings are called rightly so. Grand, luxurious and magnificent at every level, the weddings here are all about paying attention to details. While I cannot help but giggle about Bollywood movies where the bride's father is pleading with his hands folded before the groom and his parents, for the arrangements aren't up to the mark. But we all know how everything in Indian wedding has to be painfully meticulous. When it comes to bride or bridegroom and to-be family, even things like gifts and their presentation cannot be overlooked. The gift comes later but the presentation much earlier. It has to be a visual treat, enhancing the original appeal of the gift itself and adding to the palpable interest to know what lies beneath.morpankhi theme packing

As it is said, first impression is the last impression. It starts with 'shagun.' One of the many first ceremonies, where the families announce their decision formally.  Shagun can be a private or grand affair. Regardless of its celebration scale, the grandeur of it needs to be maintained. In the numbers of 11 or 21, 51 or 201, the shagun gift packing has to be fabulous and plush. From customized 'morpankhi' theme to 'nariyal' packing and dry fruit trays,  the 'shagun' Indian wedding packing designs can take your breath away with their stunning creativity and aesthetic presentation.shagun packing

While a layman might not be able to think of 'Mehndi' as a priority event in his wedding packing list, a wedding packing decoration expert won't have the dearth of ideas in this department. From cosmetics to little trinkets and tattoos as a part of event, the handcrafted and personalized gift baskets for Mehndi event can make your celebrations even more beautiful and memorable.Saree Trousseau packing

One of the most important parts of wedding packing platter is trousseau packing and saree packing for brides, bridesmaids and her to-be family.  From wooden and velvet saree tray, 'tijori' saree boxes to vintage inspired floral bags, there are numerous ways the decor experts can come up with to preserve your most important apparel in the most stylish manner possible.

If you thought there is nothing for kids in wedding packing decoration, you cannot be more wrong! Ever heard of cute wedding candy bouquets or small trinket umbrellas, specifically designed for kids? Well, you will be surprised to know that how wedding planners and decoration experts get their creative juices flowing and go all out to make everybody feel a part of the grand affair called wedding!

This is not it! Indian wedding packing designs are lot more than just stacking presents. It is about creating inspirational and delightful wedding gifts that mirror and echo your sentiments, while saving your resources and time. Let an expert handle your wedding packing decoration and help you be there where you should be, at the wedding venue, beside your family and making the most of the moments that are meant to be cherished together!