(Days in April: You Should Celebrate with Flowers!)

April is here! And we are here to give you one more reason to send flowers to your near and dear ones! Though we have said and maintained over and over that you don't need an excuse to send flowers but if you aren't doing that already, here are the reasons to stop this procrastination and head to www.mayaflowers.com and book your flowers online now!mayaflowers tuplis

Siblings Day:

April 10 is the day to cherish the loving bond between you two. You would have shared so many incredible moments with your loving brother and sister. This is the time to express that how you two are incomplete without each other! No matter where you are, in the same city or not, in touch or not, don't let anything, be it distance or your pent up emotions, stop you from sending gifts or flowers to him/her. From roses to dahlias and combo arrangements of branded chocolates and flowers, there are lots of varied choices at MayaFlowers catering to every age group.

Walk on your Wild Side:

Don't be a plain Jane. Show your wild side and celebrate it like crazy.  Or better, ask your partner to unleash herself / himself and be a wild beast at least for a day! April 12 that is!


Send him / her exotic flower arrangements that shout out loud and prompt them to embrace his / her wild side!

'Know your Customers' Day:

Let's get down to some business now. April 21 is the day where you can connect with your customers. If you want to get in touch with your old customers, it is the perfect day to rekindle the professional relationship with them. Send them colourful exotic blooms and let the flowers echo your sentiments and appreciation towards them. Or better, just give them a bunch as they walk in. This will come across as a thoughtful gesture, which will just enhance your goodwill for the years to come.

Day for Administrative Professionals:flowers un arranged

Administration of an office is a tough task. Managing a house is even more difficult. In general, this day is reserved for admin professionals at work but we believe that stay-at-home moms and homemakers should also be a part of this large group as after all, if they would not have done the efforts to manage the home front, nobody would have showed at the work front. So, c'mon guys, book flowers and gifts for April 27 and show some love at both home and office.

Honesty Day:

Has something been bugging you of late? Have you not been completely honest with your partner? Do you want to confess something? Folks, April 30 is the day where you can spill it all. Expert Tip: Say it with flowers! Be honest! Share and speak out your innermost feelings! Don't hesitate to talk about your fears because you will have the support of fresh blooms and your loved ones!

Don't wait. Time is running out! Book your flowers and gifts online now and let them echo your feelings and sentiments towards the people your respect and love!