What’s up, Delhi? What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Yes, I know you might have hundreds of Valentine’s Day ideas already buzzing up in your head to make this day special for people you love and can’t live without! However, here I am with some really wonderful ways that can make your special someone go ‘awww’ and ‘ohh’ with surprise and overwhelming love! Read on because you can always improve on and to be honest, it is difficult to understand women and only a woman can tell you the direct way to her heart. They aren’t simple but aren’t too difficult either if you are ready to give it a shot!

  • Stay in: A survey among women reveals that women prefer to stay indoors on Valentine’s Day and would like their partners to make it special for them. Dread it all you want but I am coming to that. For us, no sight is sexier than the man bending on the kitchen’s counter top to make us a meal. And no, it doesn’t have to be a five-course meal we are asking for! Go for noodles or something instant, duh! Women might be complicated beings to start with but their hearts could even melt with the steam of that hot cup of noodles! The idea is to bring an exquisite evening backdrop to your home. A verandah setting lit with scented candles, roses and soft music!

Just fix her a glass of wine and take a deep breath before you enter the kitchen area.

     Pro Tip: If you don’t how to light the gas stove, learn it before hand. Clean the mess when you are done cooking. You wouldn’t want her to regret the decision of letting you enter the kitchen the next day.

While you are working in the kitchen, you can take your shirt off. We don’t mind thinking about the desserts beforehand as it doesn’t add to the calories! (Wink!)

Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Surprise: We all are a sucker for surprises. The best part is you don’t even have to throw your budget off track for it too. Though we wouldn’t mind diamond jewellery now and then as a surprise but we show the same level of love and mushiness for chocolates, cakes and fresh flower bouquets too. And if we aren’t expecting them, even better!

Pro Tip: If you are planning to send flowers online to her office or workplace, you would like to know about the office policy and most importantly, her comfort with the whole idea of PDA.

send flowers online

  • Give her your Time: It is okay we understand you have been rushing from one meeting to another. That lame reason for not attending a family ceremony you gave the other day can also be accepted and excused if you just turn off your mobile phone for a couple of hours and give her all your attention.  Rest assured, turning off your mobile and notifications are going to turn her on like no other. We all need time and desired attention from the man in our lives, that’s a given!

Pro Tip: If you are married, try to woo her once again. Do some of the things that you would do to her before marriage to rekindle the romance. Sing to her or dance with her because such small things go a long way to her heart.

  • Long Drive: There is nothing like going away from the mundane and driving to faraway land under the starry sky! Romantic, isn’t it? Take her to a place where she can listen to you and you can strike a conversation with her that isn’t about anyone else but you two! Have wine or vodka for the company!

Pro Tip:  Just take care of the mosquitoes and bugs. If your woman happens to be a foodie, take her to a restaurant that is located in the outskirts of the city but make sure you have food for her. You wouldn’t want her to crib on the way back when the euphoria fades away.

So folks, here are the ideas that I am sure, can blow her mind away and make her heart skip a few beats! Let her fall in love with you all over again and give her all the more reasons to be in love with you. Make this Valentine’s Day all about her and in return, get loved!