It is your big day and you want everything to turn out to be grand and beautiful. It is only possible when you start early and hire professional wedding florist planning help. Flowers are indeed one of the most important aspects of an auspicious occasion and a marriage ceremony especially calls for them! So, when you think it is time to get a florist for wedding flower decoration, make sure you go through this checklist as this will help you save both time and money, not to mention sort out the problems people have while searching for a wedding florist tips

How to Hire Wedding Florist ?

It might seem like a redundant question but before you leave the house or hit the Internet to search for a professional wedding florist, you should try answering this question. Your answer is the basis of the entire wedding plan! While it is quite understandable that flowers are an integral part of a wedding, but the designs and decoration decide your budget that you will be spending on a wedding florist. If you are looking for a minimalist wedding with nothing but an exquisite lineup of petals beside the aisle and single stem centerpieces on table, you don’t have to worry much about it. But if something, like an elaborated floral centerpiece and flower chandelier installations at the ceremony site is on your mind, be prepared beforehand to shell out good moolah!wedding florist guide

Experience is the Key:

You simply cannot compromise experience with creativity. A wedding florist’s portfolio should be a mix of both and a balanced one. You should always ask for photographs, reference and events he / she has done arrangements for. Don’t just rely on what the florist says. It is always better to check online reviews also to understand the real-time experience of customers. After all, wedding flower decoration is not just delivering blooms at the venue. It is a design process that takes meticulous planning and execution, which only an experienced florist can flower decorations

Understand the Seasonal Demand:

Blooms are season-specific. If you want a gorgeous fresh flower bouquet of Laelia orchids at every table in the fall season, you certainly can. But it will be a nursery product, grown under stimulated conditions and sprayed with insecticides and fungicides. It will eventually lose its natural elegance and fragrance as soon as it is out of those stimulated conditions. But of course, with all these efforts put at the end of growing tropical flowers in a non-season could cost you a bomb. So, only go for season-specific flower decoration

Let this be an Open Communication:

It is always better to let your florist have once-over of the wedding site. This will help him to prepare and plan the wedding flower decoration. If you have any idea in mind, don’t be shy to share photographs, pins and links. However, be also open to the ideas and plans of your florist because unlike you, he wouldn’t just focus on floral arrangements. An experienced wedding florist contractor always has a bigger picture in mind, which is about visioning flower decoration and floral centerpieces in tandem with the ambience. You might not even think or imagine that the big tall wedding centerpieces you are gushing about aren’t just suitable for the small and cozy seating arrangement. It is better to trust his design instincts, but share your feedback flowers guide

Repurposing the Arrangement for Wedding Reception or Brunch:

After the wedding ceremony, you can take the flowers and the arrangement home, but the vases, fabric draping, flower containers and candelabras are the florist’s property. If you want to repurpose the floral decoration for the day after the ceremony, you can ask the florist to work the costs out in the final flowers at brunch

DIYs Often Don’t Work in Marriages:

You already are worried about your big day and there are so many things that need your attention. There is a dress rehearsal, fitting work and cake tasting to be done and you know, they are pretty time consuming! So, do you really have the time to focus on floral DIYs? Even if you do, a DIY cannot simply match the expertise and finesse of a skilled wedding florist. So, let there be one less worry.

Go through this checklist and let wisdom prevail! Hire the best professional wedding florist and make your big day as magnificent and gorgeous as it should be!

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